courtesy of the complaints dept.

After my last post of my dearest friend’s youngest child I’ve recieved a few strongly worded emails and phone calls regarding my lack of a post showcasing the entire family. I got my complaints director right on that issue and pulled together another batch of photos to silence the angry mob. Here you go. Enjoy. =)

Don’t let the smiles fool you…they were freezing their patooties off in every single shot. Especially this one…


What you may see in this next shot is a happy girl snuggling her mama. What *I* see is the pair of diamond earrings the daddy of the family had to bribe the mama with to get her to move to Boston. Since my ultimate plan is to transplant the whole family next door to me (or at least down the street) I’m a little concerned about what exactly it’s going to take to bring her to Bamarania. 


And a couple of the fab four…I happen to know that neither of these will be appearing on their Christmas card this year so they’re safe to share.



Love you guys!

Please note: The director of our complaints department is on holiday until late in 2009 so please hold your thoughts until then. Thank you kindly!

Lyndsay cute family and samantha those are some cute shoes!!

erin Great comment, Lyndsay…she borrowed them from me! =)

Kimberly Adorable family!! I was gonna comment on the shoes too! HA! But dad’s got on a pretty cool pair too!

Samantha I’m cracking up at the shoe comments. The only thing I need to bribe me to ‘bammers is already there. Love you, Ms. Cobb.

j.j. so funny but i was going to comment on the shoes, too! must share, ms. cobb. and one of these days I’M flying my family to BAMA for a REAL christmas pic of my family!

Martha – EP Erin, love everything you do. I am new to your blogs and just LOVE LOVE LOVE everything. Thanks for the photography tips too….feel free to keep those coming!

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