Her smile, that is.


Are you smiling yet?


What about now? This little one gave the best grins. I had to weed through about 700 identical photos because I couldn’t stop pushing the shutter every time she let loose with one of those babies! It’s infectious!

Her serious face is just as sweet though…

(I love how she’s pointing in this one!)


She gets her good looks from her mama…


Can you believe her mama didn’t want to be photographed? If I looked like that I’d be handing the camera off and posing right and left!:)

Reminder: This is day 4 of our blog-o-rama! Check me out! Four more posts until I announce holiday mini-session info. Happy reading!

Bianca Your photos are always so tack sharp! I love them. You did a beautiful job at capturing that smile.

Erin S Loving that sprouty baby hair!!

Jennifer Her mama had the same hair when she was a baby! I don’t think it laid down until she was a year old. Beauty runs deep in this family – I wish you would’ve gotten one with Becky, Kayla and Briana. Your camera probably couldn’t handle all that gorgeous-ness though! :)

jeramy great shots erin. you’re on a roll

Brandy Oh my word! These are totally adorable. You have really done a brillant job of capturing her spirit and personality at this age! BTW- thanks for replying to my post on ordering!

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