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Caution: The blog you’re reading is about to pack a serious punch. Posts will be flying and images loaded with supreme awesomeness are headed your direction. Consider yourself warned.

Two days ago I returned from a trip to the Monterey Bay of California, where I was lucky enough to catch up with four fabulous families, all vying for the title of most photogenic on the Erin Cobb Photography blog. Seriously, these people were amazing. They brought their hearts and they brought their style. I love that. You’re in for a treat over the next week my friends.

My first session was with a chunkalicious little guy and his doting parents. If there’s such thing as in-laws once removed, that’s what he is to me. His daddy is the brother of my sister’s husband. You lost yet? Good. Me too. I know he must be related to me somehow though because he’s so dang cute! 😉

All of these California sessions took place on my aunt’s beautiful property which is peppered by oak trees, tall wavy grass, and farm animals.  If I could only photograph in one location for the rest of my life that just might be it. Of course, I’d make her give me the red chair too.

But back to the little man. Stunning. I’d been warned of his insane cuteness but I still wasn’t prepared for what I found. And his chubbly wrists?! Be still my heart.

I can’t handle this picture. Chubbly wrists + baby belly laughs. It’s too much. This should be illegal.

As should this. The smiley, flying baby in the newsboy hat.

I got him to show me his sullen side when I put him on the woodpile. I guess if you plopped me down on a stack of firewood, I’d be a little put out too.

I wouldn’t be this cute though.

Or would I be? We are related afterall.

I take it back. I’d definitely be that cute.

Lisa These are absolutely fabulous!

noreen erin, i cannot believe these awesome pics! you are so talented… i am forever grateful to you for capturing these moments! thank you thank you thank you! steve, noreen, and connor

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