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When last I saw this little sprite she weighed only a handful of pounds, and most of them were in her cheeks.

While she’s certainly packed it on in the last six months, I dare say she’s still weighed down by those delicious baby cheeks.

Resist the urge to pinch your computer monitor. It just won’t have the same effect, trust me.

One thing that’s keeping pace with her chubbly little cheeks are her perfectly fluttery eyelashes. I need those eyelashes. I could totally rock those babies.  

Something tells me I couldn’t pull off those cheeks with same fabulousness she does though. When did being chunky go out of vogue? I want to embrace my inner 6 month old! 😉

AlaskanAlison oh my goodness what a beautiful little girl! And the photos are just stunning!

Elizabeth Johnson Precious! What a cutie, great pics Erin!

Shannon Jones Love those eyes!!!

heidi stunning! lovely work!

liz I love the first picture- so cute!

Shea Love those lashes! And a random question… If this shoot was at your house, do you happen to remember what color the walls are??? Looking for a yellow for my twins bedroom and love this one!!!

Mary Schannen Too precious! Adore this clean, crisp processing!

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