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Good job.

Now every month you’ll get to read the business musings of this crazy person…


Aren’t you glad you’re on the list? Seriously, who doesn’t want to know what’s going on in that wild fly-away-hair head? And doesn’t that expression just ooze excitement? That’s me alright…all excitement, all the time. Well, except when I’m grumpy but I’ll spare you those pictures.:)

Should I be concerned that my little one seems to have inherited my open-mouth, crazy picture face? 

French mom Hi Erin!

I’m back (my computer was broken) and I think you’re really a beautiful women!!! I never see a SO BIG picture of you, you look so nice! Hope I’ll be a lil bit like you after my second kid!
You make me smile with your open mouth picture! Thank you !!!!

French mom.

Colleen Dixon You’re a brave woman to post such an excited picture of yourself. :) I’m glad your kids inherited your open-mouthed-ness, too, I think it makes your pictures look a little we-look-this-fabulous-even-when-we’re-caught-off-guard-ish. Good to see you, even with a few flyaways…. :)

Samantha Seriously, I picked YOU for my BFF? You do look a little crazy in that picture.

Tracy Erin, I adore your photos. Each is like a little piece of art. If you are ever in the Chicago area, PLEASE let me know. I would jump at a chance for you to photograph my two little boys. Hopefully, you will put in the newsletter if you are going out of state to do photos.

Jennifer It’s great to get one with you in it now and then. I want to see some of Sarah’s pics that she’s taken with her hand-me-down camera!

erin Tracy I’ll definitely be putting it in the newsletter if/when I decide to take travel sessions. Thanks for asking and thanks for your kind words!

jeramy is this happy or sad…i can’t tell? :-)

Jen Lane oh girl! you are SO cute! lol. this is adorable and hilarious and fabulous!

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