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Okay, I’m just going to start this post with a healthy dose of brutal honesty. WHY DID I HAVE TO BE A TEENAGER IN THE 90’S??? I mean, our fashion high note was grunge for goodness sake! When I first met these girls on Saturday evening and scanned their fabulous outfits I had to swallow back the bitter swell of regret that rises up whenever I think of the t-shirts and blue jeans I wore almost everyday of my teenage years. And I thought I was *adorable*.


Note to self: a tattered sweatshirt tied around your waist and a scrunchied ponytail was not/is not/never will be *adorable*.

This is what adorable looks like.

huntsville newborn photographer

And this.

huntsville child photographer

Ah yes, and this.

Huntsville baby photographer 1

I mean, do these girls have it going on or what?!

I have been so excited about this session and it definitely did not disappoint. I rarely get the chance to meet up with teens since my business tends to focus on little tykes but when their mom called asking if I might be able to capture the girls together I jumped at the chance. And I was thrilled to be able to get an extra dose of casual shots for the oldest daughter who has just entered her senior year of high school.

So let’s start with the sisters together, shall we?

The two oldest girls share a pickup truck which I (and they) think is fabulous. It simply had to be the backdrop for some of their shots.

huntsville family photographe r5

Okay, so regular readers will know about my ongoing list of images that I wish I had of my own children. Now, I don’t yet have teenagers but I’m fairly confident I should just go ahead and add this to the list:

Huntsville newborn photographer 1

And, well, probably this.


huntsville child photographer 2

All evidence points to the fact that these girls actually like each other. I really don’t think you can fake the kind of comfortable joy they have around each other. Sisterhood sure is something special.

They all had their eyes on this old diesel gas pump (which we discovered actually still has gas in it!) and at the very end they requested that it be included. I was pretty happy to oblige. Is that quirky cool or what? My neighbor says I need to hire these girls as my assistants because they’ve got amazing style!

Huntsville family photographer

And a few more showing off the fabulousness of the leader of the pack. She is stunning.

But I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that. You’ve got eyes, right?

Huntsville newborn photographer 3

huntsville family photographe r3

huntsville baby photographe r4

huntsville baby photographer

Stupid grunge era. Next time around I’m going to demand birth in a different decade. And I will be this fabulous.

Debbie You crack me up Erin! These girls are gorgeous and man what awesome sister shots you got! I’m sure mom is in love with your captures of her beautiful girls.

Lacey Beautiful shots, beautiful girls! I bet that was a very enjoyable, pleasantly-paced session!

Mom Don’t feel bad Erin. All I got was frosted jeans and perms. Thanks for a fabulous job. Can’t wait to see the rest!

Beth Woody I know this family and they are all just as pretty on the inside as they are on the outside. Angie, don’t know how you are going to pick- they are all breathtaking!

Bianca Oh these are fantastic! What a fun change of pace. And don’t feel bad – at least you know you are not alone!

Daniel Roth WOW!!!
these are my cuzins and these are great pictures. i hate seeing good pictures because i get so jealous. haha. i really enjoy taking pictures too and i only wish that i can one day take pictures like this.
these are great.

Kimberly Class of 1996 here baby! yikes!!
These are stunning pics!! And I have a soft spot for girls in their pick-ups, I had one my self, in 1996 :)

Jennifer I think you might very well have just started them on their new careers in catalog modeling! Start a portfolio with these babies and they’re a shoe-in!! GORGEOUS!!

Andrea Wow..these girls should be models. So beautiful! :) Great photography!

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