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Often people will ask me if I “do” certain types of photography: engagements, events, births, big kids, extended families, etc. And while I definitely specialize in babies, children and families, there’s really only one kind of photography I won’t touch with a 10 foot pole. And that’s weddings. Beyond that, I’m pretty happy to photograph anything that meets these two requirements:

1) people who love each other

2) people who are happy to be there.

And these friends of mine who will be tying the knot this Fall most definitely fit that bill!

We had a great time strolling around downtown Huntsville on Tuesday evening.  And I sure am thankful we got this session in before our 110+ heat wave kicked in!

I bet you didn’t know that when you matched a pastor with a rocket scientist you’d get such a good looking, stylish couple. Misconceptions abound, people. So just go ahead and check ’em at the door with these two!

In fact, I’m not even going to tell you which one is the pastor and which is the rocket scientist. You’ll just have to guess. I’ll tell you one thing though…this power couple has the loveliest of futures ahead. And I’m so excited I get to be part of that joyful journey!

And to the photographer who actually is brave enough to take on weddings, and gets to photograph these two…you’re in luck! You’re about to meet two of the coolest cats on this side of the Mississippi.

And there’s no guessing about that!

Anne Erin, Margaret and Ben these pics are gorgeous! I am so excited for these two lovely people. (I know who is the pastor and who is the rocket scientist – but I’m not telling!)
Beautiful photos.

Sarah Lineberger Margaret and Ben – These pictures are beautiful. Erin must be very talented. Glad you are connecting with your Alabama roots. Let us know what your plans are.

Holley Malone I just ADORE these! Margaret is my cousin, and these photos are just stunning! Great Job! We are so excited to have Ben in our family! Fantastic!

Leona Fulghum Erin, you truly captured the essence of the love that Margaret and Ben feel for each other.Thanks for doing such an amazing job.Leona Fulghum (margaret’s Mom)

Leona Fulghum Erin:The pictures that you took of Ben and Margaret truly capyure the essence of the love that they feel for each other. Thanks for doing such an incredible job of capturing these two very special people with your very obvious talent.

Timbs Fulghum These pictures are gorgeous. Of course, you are both gorgeous people inside and out. Erin, thank you for doing such a great job of capturing this wonderful time in their lives. What a treasure!

ginger bryant to our dear friends M and B- we are so blessed to have you and couldn’t be more thrilled for you both!
to our dear photographer friend E- you did it again! why do i always cry?
GORGEOUS pics of a GORGEOUS couple!

Sarah Wilkerson How wonderfully unexpected!! Erin, I was peeking in on your site and was just shocked to see my friend and Duke classmate Margaret here!! Margaret, you look just lovely — CONGRATULATIONS!!! <3

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