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 Meet Nate.

huntsville family photographer

He calls me “Chachi”.

Well, not yet. But he will.

huntsville baby photographer

Chachi is the Punjabi title for daddy’s brother’s wife. And that’s who I am. I love being Chachi to this little dude.

He makes it easy. I mean, seriously, just look at him! You want to be his Chachi too, don’t you?

huntsville baby photographer 1

Too bad. I already claimed him.

huntsville child photographer

Taking his picture was SO fun because it meant I got to steal him from the greedy arms of the rest of our family members and hog him and love him up all to myself. I made sure I took extra time getting him nice and sleepy.

huntsville family photographer 1

A few extra Nate snuggles does a Chachi good.

huntsville newborn photographer 1

As much as I love him when he’s snoozy and sweet, I love him even more when he looks at me with those big beautiful, destined-to-be-brown, baby eyes.

huntsville newborn photographer

Little dude, better get used to these little photo sessions of ours. Chachi’s got her eye on you!

Tina R So glad you posted more! He’s a gorgeous baby! Congrats to everyone on the newest addition to the family. :)

Tessa Rice Ohhhhhh how CUTE IS HE????? Love it, ChaChi!

Amy Oh, he’s just gorgeous! He definitely resembles his big sister, but has a look all his own. Beautiful photos!

P.C. Chachi you are brilliant. I just LOVE ALL of these (especially the 3rd, 4th, and last one). Chachi never disappoints!!

Chacha Who is Nate? Pooh-dog Millionaire is cute, though.

Dad Pooh Dog, Chachi did you some J little man. The grandparents will be excited about these.


Jennifer That is one gorgeous little baby!! It’s ok to call a boy gorgeous right?

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