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I love photographing sisters. Inevitably my mind ends up wandering to my own childhood with my own dear sister and I end up channeling my youth in ways I never would have expected. Like in this session when I *might* have shown off my mad cartwheeling/roundoff skills. The really sad thing? I didn’t even need much encouragement. 

Then again, even if I hadn’t wanted to cartwheel across the lawn, one look from these girls and I would have done anything they asked. Sweet is an understatement. 




They were the flower girls in their cousin’s wedding last month and their mama wanted to capture them in their gorgeous dresses. These girls really shined. I can only imagine how majestic (and giddy!) they were walking down the aisle.  Isn’t being a flower girl every little girl’s dream? (besides being the bride, of course) 


(I just had a scary flashback to an incident involving my 5-year old self, my own retired flower girl dress and an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction during first grade gym class. A hilarious  story for another day. And coincidentally, it also includes cartwheels.) 


We had to end the day with a little extra fun so they donned their brightest dresses and we headed outside to chase the sinking summer sun. 

First picture: I told big sis to “squeeze the stew” out of little sis. Mission accomplished. 

Second picture: I told them to synchronize a jump on 3. 



These girls are magic. 

(Thanks for the fun, friends. And thanks for not laughing at my cartwheels!)

Allison Oh, how exciting it is to see these pictures of our girls. They had so much fun and I did too. I can’t wait to see all of the pictures! Thank you for making it a fun time for the girls.

Brad Absolutely beautiful images!! You so captured their sisterhood, and it shows.

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