brotherly love | huntsville children’s portraits

Last week when I met up with these two brothers I had a leg up on them. Since I had photographed them with their sweet grandparents last month I already knew all their tricks! I guess the flip side of that is that they already knew mine too. 😉

In fact, the minute they saw my grey card come out they started asking to pop it open!

Which I believe is exactly what I was doing when I took that brotherly love shot. Yes, juggling a grey card with one hand while shooting two squirmy brothers with the other is one of my life’s talents.

Also? Cutting watermelon and swaddling babies.  Not that you asked.

But back to the brothers. They both ooze personality, which makes it so fun to photograph them. I could pretty much eat this dude up with a spoon.

Not that you asked.

Maybe I ought to start keeping a few things to myself.


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