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Last night I was talking with my friend Shelley when the subject of this blog came up. She said she’d been checking in occasionally and wanted to know if it had really been October 10th since my last blog post…or was she missing something? Sadly, she wasn’t missing anything. It’s true…I haven’t posted a single thing here in almost three months. WHAT?!

That changes today.

In fact, lots of changes will be coming to this blog and I’ll share a bit about those soon. But for now, I couldn’t think of a cuter face to break the blogging dry spell. I mean, HELLO…this…girl…

Sheesh. Bring me a one year old with that smile every day of my life and I’m a happy girl.

She was the star of the show (since we were celebrating her first birthday) but I couldn’t resist coercing her handsome big brother into a couple of his own shots too…

We were having a bit of trouble getting her back into the swing of things once she changed into her second outfit. But then her Daddy said, “I saw you had a play cellphone…she loves cellphones…”


And the other thing she loves? Balls. In fact, she could barely focus on my camera because she was so enamored with the paper lanterns we had hanging from the ceiling. So guess what Miss Erin did?

Yep. I climbed a ladder and brought the balls to her. With a face like that, you get what you want!

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!

Lingze We LOVE these photos!! Thank you so much for capturing these precious moments with your love and talent!!

Keith Bachand Love your work! The creativity is amazing!

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