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Yesterday might have been the most productive day of my life. I’m hoping today will come in a close second since I have 57 things to accomplish  and 43 places to be today. It’s possible, don’t you think?

Unfortunately my ultra-productivity has left my short on words. If you see me today and I forget my name, forgive me. Better yet, remind me.

Earlier this week I met up with a family I’ve been photographing since the very start of my business here in Huntsville. Seeing them again was such a treat! This first shot reminds me SO much of one we took together almost three years ago. Someone’s growing up…

(And for the record, it’s definitely not me.)

This little thing was just a teeny, tiny baby when we first met. I tried to tell her that but she denied it. I think she was highly opposed to the word “baby”. She kept insisting that she was, in fact, a big girl  almost three years ago. Not sure how that math works since she’s 2 1/2 right now, but I’m choosing to believe her.

If you met her, you would too. She’s pretty darn persuasive. And ultra cute to boot.

Of course I couldn’t let their mom get away without a few shots of snuggly togetherness…

  Mama love rocks!

Happy weekend friends. =)

Cece These are adorable! I love the light… and their outfits :)

Barbara Wade OK…I know these kiddos and the Mommy….LOVE LOVE LOVE to see smiles on their faces – especially the Mommy! You rocked getting these shots! And I love that they are on your blog to share! You are a great photog and I wish that you lived in south Alabama rather than Huntsville…anytime you plan to come visit this family, tell the Mommy to tell me – you’ll have another photog shoot down here! :)

Rhonda C Great pics! Can’t believe how big Z has gotten. Always love how you capture their personalities.

Cissy Tabor I love these pics! I am so glad to see these kids pics. They are so beautiful. I am glad to see all the smiles all the way around. I can’t believe my nephew and niece are so grown up!!!!

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