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I owe apologies to my dear friend Janelle who has been waiting patiently for her sneak peek for a week now! I totally lost steam when it came to editing on my color-wonky lap top so I saved the sneak peek from this last Dayton session until we returned home. We’re finally back to our own pillows and our own toys and this little fam couldn’t be happier! (although we miss our Dayton friends terribly.)

Enough waiting…on to the pictures! I loved this session for several reasons. First, I always love shooting for friends so this was a treat. Second, this was the first time I had someone tag along with me to watch how I work and it was so fun! My sweet friend Jenny is building her portfolio and I was thrilled to spend the day with her talking shop and shooting together. Once upon a time she was a high schooler in the church youth group my husband and I advised. In the last couple of years we’ve reconnected around photography which has been such a blessing to both of us! You can read about our day from Jenny’s perspective here. (Thank you for your sweet words Jenny…you rock and I know you’ll go far with your work!)

Okay, seriously this time…NOW we’re on to the pictures!


This little guy had just turned three months but I swear he’s advanced in the gross motor department. Which wouldn’t be surprising considering his parents are both world class rock climbers. I mean, really, have you ever seen a three month old with head control like this?


He’s a prodigy for sure.


And a cute prodigy at that! Everytime I look at this picture I think he’s answering the question, “who’s the cutest baby on the block?!”


And that cuteness runs in the family. Ladies and gentlemen, meet my future son-in-law (according to my daughter at least)…


I think he’s excited to be joining our family. Don’t you?


He packs a lot of personality into that little three year old body. He’s not the teensiest bit shy and busts out with some of the cutest one liners I’ve ever heard. My favorite is when he says, “what in the world?!”,  coupled with the cutest grin you’ve ever seen.

 I understand my daughter’s obsession.


I don’t think his mama’s quite ready to give up her little man, but in 25+ years we might just have a match on our hands!


Sorry for the wait Janelle…enjoy! =)

Amy I’ve loved seeing so many familiar faces on here and I’m especially excited to see these 2 boys! Fabulous photos, as always!

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