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Happy Halloween everyone!! I hope that you are all having a spooky day so far! I so love Halloween! I love to see all the creative costumes that people come up with! So fun!

So I am pretty giddy over today’s post! It is a little bit different then our “usual” Monday. We are doing a giveaway for one highly sought after Erin Cobb mini session spot!! I had to pull alot of strings for this!!!:)As most of you know these spots fill up fast so we are very excited to have one to offer all of you loyal readers!!

The spot is for THIS Saturday November 5 and will include the 15 minute minisession fee plus a low resolution disc of 10-20 finished proofs (a $400 value). You can read more about what a minisession is, and why you must have one, here. We have NEVER done a giveaway like this before…now’s your chance to get in on the action!  And yes, we can get you in for a morning session if that Alabama/LSU game is calling your name! The drawing will be TOMORROW, Tuesday November 1 at 8 a.m.

If you don’t win a spot but would like to grab one of these popular sessions, email Erin to get on the list! (erin at erincobb dot com)

Good Luck and remember there are FOUR ways to win:

1.  Leave a comment below sharing why you’d like to win a minisession with Erin Cobb Photography.

2.  Like Erin Cobb Photography on Facebook (or tell us you already do) and leave a comment letting us know.

3.  Follow Erin Cobb on Twitter (or tell us you already do) on Twitter and leave a comment letting us know.

4. And to win a BONUS chance to win, share this post on Facebook using the quick link down below.

Don’t forget…each of these steps should be separate comments, giving you up to four chances to win. Good luck!

Amanda I would love to win a session with Erin because I love her photography, and ahe is amazing with kids!!

Amanda I “like” Erin Cobb photography on Facebook.

Stacy C. Would love to win the mini session because I love what I have seen of Erin’s work! Beautiful pics!

Amanda I follow Erin on Twitter. :)

Stacy C. I “like” Erin Cobb photography on Facebook.

Stacy C. I shared the link on Facebook!

Karen rass I love Erin Cobb and her work!! Would love my son photos done by her!

Gigi Gerhold I would love to win a session for family pictures. My oldest daughter is a senior year and goes off to college in August and we havent had family photos taken in 11 years so its past time and what better way to end a chapter of her life but with a family photo to capture the time.

Jacqueline I like Erin Cobb photography on Facebook

Jacqueline Would love to win to get some pictures of our curly top and our new little lady together. :)

Jacqueline I shared the link on Facebook!

Tracy South OMG…this really is the best giveaway ever! I would love this mini session for my little family. Even if we did just have family picture’s taken with Erin a few short months ago:)

Tracy South I follow Erin on facebook

Tracy South I shared this link on my facebook page!

Stephanie Sullivan I would love to have the session to have some updated family photos and to hopefully catch my 2 yr old smiling.

Nilima Have shared it via fb, already liked it too !! And she takes great pix !!! Would love to see her capture my boys in action!

Ann Marie Duvall I would love a free mini session!!!! Whoo hoo!! Erin is an awesome photographer and person. She has taken our family photo before and I would love another one on my wall!!!

Ann Marie Duvall I like Erin Cobb Photography on facebook.

Ann Marie Duvall I shared the link on facebook.

Nilima Have shared the link on two different pages on fb:-)

Nilima Have already liked the page too!

$ Mom with Deals $ Shared this on my fb page $ Mom with Deals $

$ Mom with Deals $ Liked the page !

Natalie I like Erin Cobb Photography on facebook.

Natalie Cook I’d love to win the mini session to see how Erin can handle my wild and crazy almost-four year old. Besides that, I like her kids.

Natalie Cook and I like Erin on facebook.

Natalie Cook I have no idea how to use Twitter, but I’ll try to learn so I can win a mini session with Erin. ha!

Vanessa I would love to have my kids photographed by Erin!! She has photographed my daughter and was spectacular.

rajan patel i would love to have my kids photographed by erin. i can share my mom dad back home.

Tiffany I’d love for Erin to photograph my children. I’m “liking” her on FB. She is so talented!

Janie Oh my gosh -I would love to win!!

Janie I follow Erin on Twitter. (But sadly, I refuse to succumb to Facebook, so I don’t have any other entries!)

Sandy I would love a mini session with Erin for this year’s Christmas card pictures!

Jennifer Grant I would like to win the mini session for my 3 year old niece’s family because Dec is her two year post bone marrow transplant (from her sister) and she is cancer free!!! Thanks to God and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Jennifer Grant I like Erin on facebook, of course!

Jenna Shepard First, I LOVE Erin’s work. She is amazing and so so good with kids! Second, it is my little boy’s first Christmas and i would LOVE to use this for our Christmas card! Yay!!

Jenna Shepard I am a fan on FACEBOOK!!

Monica Wagner I would LOVE to win a mini session with Erin because she takes fabulous pictures, is a total sweetheart and is super talented! Also because I just had a session with another photographer and can’t find even one photo that I love :-( I already “like” Erin on FB, I’m going to share this link on FB and I’m also going to follow her on Twitter now!

Jenna Shepard I shared with my Facebook friends via the link!! :)

Jenny Been a challenging year and would enjoy some happy photos of the kids. Put me in for the drawing and we are have “liked” her on FB for a long time. :)

Jenna Shepard Ok – tweet away because I am following you!

Amy I would love to have a mini session because we haven’t had a real family picture taken since our third son was born and he is now 4! I recently lost 25lbs and finally feel comfortable enough to have my picture taken! This would be a wonderful gift for my family.

Reagan I would love to win!!!! I will even drive from Baton Rouge, LA & miss watching the big game…Erin is that good!!!!

Eileen I love the pictures that Erin has taken of my friends, and I would love to have beautiful pictures of my family!

Danielle We have NEVER had a family photo taken before and it’s about dang time. My little one is turning two on the 4th and my wedding anniversary on the 5th… this would be THE BEST present ever. Pick Me!!

Abigail I would like to win because I still have to get family pictures taken that includes our 5 month old baby boy!

Abigail I “like” Erin Cobb photography on FB.

Amy Layne Pick me pick me!! Erin is fabulous with my kiddos and I need some cute Xmas cards.

Abigail I follow Erin Cobb Photography on twitter (@abby0926)

Abigail I shared this post on FB!

Amy Layne I already like Erin on FB!

Julie I like Erin on Facebook and would love a session of my two year old who had turned into such a little man recently! And some new pictures would make great Christmas gifts!

Amy Layne I shared on FB!

Jenni I’d like to win because we need a family picture SO BAD!!! I know Erin could get just the perfect one!

Jenni I like Erin Cobb Photography on FB.

Casey I would love to win this mini session, she does amazing work!

jenni I just shared this on FB (although I wish I didn’t….that means one of my friends might win instead of me)!!!

Casey I follow on Facebook.

Beth Gloe I have never had any photos taken “professionally” with my two girls, and would love a chance to win.

Beth Gloe I have “like”d Erin Cobb Photography on Facebook.

Jennifer Erin’s ability to capture life and use natural light make her photos magical!

Beth Gloe I follow Erin on Twitter.

Jordan Morgan I’ve been trying to get a pic. Maybe now is the time:). Would live to have u photo my girls.

Karen I would love to be on the other side of the camera for a change! We have a newborn and desperately need a family picture.

Heather I would love to win this mini session because a lot of our friends have used & loved Erin in the past! Would love to have her capture our family!

Karen Liked on Facebook and shared!

Heather I like Erin on Facebook!

Amanda F. Love Erin’s work and would love for her to take pictures of my boys!

Heather I linked this post to my facebook!

Amanda F. I “like” Erin on FB.

Amanda F. I shared on FB.

Tracy Abney I’d love to win a session for my 2 week old daughter. She needs some pretty pictures. :)

kristina I’d LOVE to win a mini session with you because simply put – your photography is beautiful and I would love for your to capture my family and our love in photographs. It would be something to treasure, for sure! :)

Laura I would love to win a mini session with Erin Cobb! I’ve seen her work on friends’ FB pages and think they’re beautiful! I know she’d capture my boys’ personalities!

Laura I “liked” Erin Cobb on Facebook!

Kristina I’m already a FB fan! :)

kristina Already following you on Twitter, too! :)

Laura I follow Erin Cobb on Twitter!

Kristina Shared on FB! :)

Laura I shared this contest on Facebook!

Jackie I want a minisession, because I love Erin’s photos!!

Jackie I like Erin on fb!

Maura I would love to have Erin take a casual senior picture of our son Zach at the soccer field. I tried and the results were not very good! :-(

Jackie I follow Erin on Twitter!

Jackie I shared the link on fb!

Elizabeth Moore I already like Erin Cobb on facebook!

Elizabeth Moore I would love to win…..need a Christmas card picture desperately

Elizabeth Moore If I twittered I would be a follower for sure!

Elizabeth Moore If I can figure out how to share on FB….I will!!!

Melanie Would love a minisession as we have not had our family pic made in about 5 1/2 years and never had one done with my son in it! Yikes! Hope I win!

Melanie Following on twitter

Melanie R. I liked Erin on Facebook!

Kristina I would love to win the mini session because Erin is fabulous and then my Christmas cards would be done!

Kristina I like Erin on Facebook!

Katie Cochran I would LOVE a photo session with Erin Cobb because I am rarely actually IN pictures with my kids and would love a full family shot!!

Katie B Our large family of 7 would love this!

stephanie Ahhh! Would love to win because I would love to have the wonderful erin cobb do family photos!! Such a great giveaway!

stephanie I like Erin C on facebook!

Candi McClanahan I would love to have a session with Erin because she does amazing work, and I have seen some of it in person through two of my good friends from high school, one of who knows Erin personally from college. Judging from her work, she must be like the baby whisperer and I think she could do some magic with my cute but hard to get to smile two year old!

Candi McClanahan I have already “liked” Erin on Facebook.

Courtney I would love to have my kids photographed by you!! Your pictures are so awesome. :)

Courtney I have “liked” you on FB too!!

Courtney I shared you on FB.

Erin I would love to win a session with Erin! She is amazing. It would be wonderful to have her photograph my 2 little ones…it’s so hard to get a good picture of them both at the same time!

Erin I liked Erin Cobb Photography on Facebook!

Jordan I like Erin on Facebook.

Jordan I would love to win a mini session with Erin Cobb because I LOVE her photography!! I have always wanted to use someone who has a lot of experience with children, and from the looks of it, Erin is the right photographer to use.

Jordan I have shared your link on facebook.

Amanda Clements She IS the baby & toddler whisperer!!! Lol! She let’s my Tommy beat her on top of her head with random objects, just so she can get a smile outta him! I would love to have her photo my niece & nephew! That would be great!

Amanda Clements I like her on FB!

Amanda Clements Twitter follower…..

Amanda Clements Shared link on FB! Done!

Lisa I would LOVE to win…I love Erin’s work and amazing style, and I have a sweet new 5 week old little boy who is begging to be photographed (with his family!) by her :)

Lisa I have already liked Erin Cobb Photography on FB. :)

Lisa Twitter Follower :)

jennifer reed I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this photo session…your photography is AWESOME!!

Rachel This would be an amazing present for my mom!

Rachel I follow Erin on Twitter!

Rachel I like Erin Cobb Photography on Facebook!

Beth Rorex I love the artistry of Erin’s photography!!

joy I have a sweet little girl who thinks her big brothers hung the moon. I would love to have Erin capture the way she looks up at them, because these are the moments I never want to forget!

courtney would love to have our family pictures done by erin!

courtney i “like” erin on facebook

courtney i follow erin on twitter :)

Randal Saraceni I have been up with the stomach virus all night on top of being preggers :-). Winning sure would help me feel better!

Randal Saraceni I also follow Erin on twitter

Randal Saraceni Fb follower!

Lori Oh my goodness! that is an amazing giveaway!!! I would LOVE to have a session with Erin. I have read your blog for years and just love her work and reading all about her sweet family.

Lori I’m already a fan on Facebook :)

Jen I already LOVE Erin Cobb on Facebook! 😉

Cheryl Erin is by far one of the best photographers that I know. I love her enthusiasm and her zest for life and how she captures the very soul of the people she photographs. Now who wouldn’t LOVE a session with Erin! I know I would :)

Cheryl AND .. I just signed up for Twitter and am following.

Cheryl All over her Facebook as well.

Cheryl Shared on Facebook … check!

Jenny Just followed on twitter and shared on FB. 2 more entries pretty please.

Mandy Shared on Facebook, I like you on Facebook, and why? well because it’s the talented Erin Cobb! and I’ve almost talked myself out of family portraits this year

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