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Earlier this week via a few of my very favorite clients I was privileged to drive way out into the country and meet a truly incredible family. They live in a beautiful white house on top of a perfectly placed hill in the middle of a breathtaking piece of land. As I stepped out of the car my eye fell immediately on the spot where I wanted to shoot.


In the weeds. 

The father of the house gently ribbed me about the choice. Out of all of the picturesque spots on this piece of land, did I really just choose the unkempt field next to the house?

But I could see it, and I knew. Through the lens, the beauty of this forsaken spot would shine. 

And boy did it. The love in this family is palpable. With the exception of all four of them behing rabid Alabama fans, they made my job incredibly easy.

 This city girl got quite an education on country life during our time together. I had my first (and I hope only!) experience being shocked by a cattle fence. All for the love of the portrait. 😉

All you mamas of boys out there, I dare you not to tear up at these next two…

And all you Daddies…this one’s for you…

Oh yeah, and this one. 😉

You know, as I thought more about those weeds on the drive home it got me thinking…

That the things in life that are the most difficult to bear,

Always come with hidden blessings from above.

There’s beauty in those weeds.



Amanda Even more amazing than I thought they would be! God blessed you Erin, and I am so thankful you captured the unmatchable specialness of my dear friends!! Love them and you dearly!

Rhonda What a beautiful family and beautiful scenery. You can sure see the love in this family.

Kelly Beautiful and stunning and so very amazing! This may be my favorite session ever. Thank you Erin for photographing our sweet friends. I knew their beauty and love for each other would shine through your lens. You really are the best! Roll Tide!

Emily H Erin, you have donen

Emily H Erin, you have done it again!! Absolutely beautiful. Love this sweet family!!

Tiera I could look at your work all day. So fresh, clean and vibrant!

Elizabeth J These are absolutely stunning images Erin. What a beautiful family and gorgeous surroundings!

Jimmy Gilliam I have to say even for a War Eagle Fan you are very good at what you do! Thanks for being so wonderful to me and my family. We very much enjoyed our time during the photo’s. Even if it was in the roughest part of the pasture and now everyone knows how un kept i keep some of my pasture, but that is beside the point!!! Just kidding…..Thanks again!!! Thanks for making me look a little better too! You must have worked all night on that.

Melanie Awesome job!!! This is my brother nad his very sweet family. You even made him loom good. :) They are an wonderful family!

Donica AWESOME beyound words.. They are a great family..

Audri Amazing!! This family is truly a blessing to everyone and from what I read you also have now experienced that! :)

Kandye Jones These are gorgeous pictures of a wonderful family. Their farm is in God’s country as I would call it! Leggtown is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Kelly Armstrong shared your photos with me. Truly amazing!!!

martha hernandez Erin, WOW, these are great! Love the colors, love the area you picked, PERFECT!

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