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When my daughter won the Baby Gap Casting Call in 2007 we flew to Hawaii for an official Gap photoshoot. There were throngs of people there to aid in the shooting but the people I was most fascinated by were the “baby wranglers”. Their sole job was to keep the babies happy and smiling for the duration of the photographing. And they were fabulous at it! I’ve often wished I had a pair of baby wranglers for myself but, alas, I’m a one-woman show. Saturday though I got a taste of what it would be like to travel with a troupe of professional baby wranglers when I met up with a family of one-year old¬†triplets + their spunky big sister. They brought along both parents plus grandparents to keep everyone in check. And believe me, it took every single one of them acting the fool behind my camera to get this…


But I’m pretty sure they’ll say¬†it was worth it. =)

Mandi Oh it was TOTALLY worth it!! Fantastic shot and adorable kiddos!

Daniel Mendez wow.. they did a great job!!! … and so did you :)
everyone looks wonderful! (triplets.. yikes!)
I am sure they will love the photos.

Norma Jean Bailey What a wonderful family, and beautiful also. Extra nice to be related to such a beautiful and fantastic family!

Amy Wow! Love it. . . those smiles are great!

Becky Great shot! Love the smiles!
It would be a dream to have my own personal baby wrangler! Sometimes the parents are the ones doing the hardest work! lol.

Daphne Love it! You really captured those cuties! Those faces are so them!

Ginger Liles Lauren- Your kids are precious and your older daughter is a spitting image of you! What sweet blessings. Hope every day is a wonderful adventure- ginger

The Grinch Larson I don’t like kids and I especially don’t like cute ones like these. (Just trying to shake things up a bit! Great job.)

Amy Leigh THAT is a hard shot to get! Just beautiful… as always!