boy + lovey

What I meant when I said I’d be posting these pictures “tomorrow-ish” was “four days from now-ish”.

I like “-ish”. It gives me freedom. And it lets me take the weekends off.

There are very, very, very few things I love more than a boy with a lovey. And when said boy has the same lovey as my boy it pretty much takes the cake.

Baby boys with blue blankies and beautiful eyes just make my heart go flip-flop.

He’s mucho attached to his blankie. So I didn’t let him have it yet. I just wanted to play a bit first.

He was good with that.

For a few minutes.

But then he started giving me those eyes. You know, the “I need my lovey” eyes.

So I had to oblige. (I told you, I’m a sucker for a boy with a blue blankie lovey). He was thrilled.

Then he needed his other favorite thing. You got it — Thomas!

And that’s when it started getting weird.

Then his eyes glazed over in a high-on-catnip sort of way and I knew we were through.

 Yep, we’re definitely done here.

Move along people, nothing left to see.


robin LOL! your commentary always makes me giggle.

fantastic photos (as usual!) i am particularly fond of the 3rd from the bottom on the right. love it.

Samantha OH, these crack me up – they are so HIM!!!! I love that you captured his look when he got his lovey, and you perfectly described the high-on-catnip look he gets once he has his “moo moo.”

BTW, he had a FIT when he saw these pictures because he saw his moo moo and his Thomas, and needed them right away. It was pretty funny.

Marla What a little cutie! LOVE, LOVE that one of him looking at the windows … sooo sweet. I have to say, I am dying to see that one in B/W. :)

Lacey Such a cutie! Seems like I remember a beautiful shot of him in his crib posted a few months back?

Amy These are great! I love that little guy. He’s such a mini Steve–especially with that sweet smile! That Thomas daze is pretty good too!

Samantha Seriously. William HATES these pictures. I had them up again this morning and he was so upset. He can’t understand why that little boy has his moo moo and his “tane.” It is so funny.

Amy R Oh boy, I’m laughin hard over here. That’s just hilarious. Especially if you’ve experienced this with your own kids. Love thse. And love all the white. Excellent job as usual!!

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