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Standing disclaimer: I’m still in Dayton and editing on my laptop so forgive me if the colors seem wonky on these next few sneak peeks. I’ll be sure to fix any issues once I get back home to my callibrated monitor but I didn’t want to get behind on my sneak peeks!

What was scheduled to be my last Dayton session (but didn’t in fact turn out that way) was one I might have been looking forward to the most. In July of 2001 I interviewed to teach kindergarten at an amazing school in Centerville, Ohio. Fresh out of college, I was interviewed by a team of teachers — one of whom had just delivered her first baby weeks before. That teacher is my dear friend Nicki and that baby is now the sprouting young man that is just inches from outpacing his mama in the height department. I was elated when Nicki booked a family session while I was in town. I loved her as a colleague back then and I love her even more as a fellow crafty mom now!

And it doesn’t hurt that she has three pretty handsome boys in her family.


And here’s that bouncing baby boy I was telling you about…


And his not-so baby brother…


That little dude gave me so much bloggable material that I could keep you guys here for days. I won’t though, for his mama’s sake. She is my friend after all. =) I will tell you that early into our time together he told me what the secret weapon would be when it came to getting his big brother to smile. I asked him for something that would make his brother laugh and without missing a beat or cracking a smile he said, “poop”. And he was right…that handly little word worked like a charm!


After getting individual shots out of the way we headed off to have some fun together. Nicki brought a bucket of sidewalk chalk and we discoverd that we both detest the stuff. How’s that for a couple of former teachers?

I loved his tongue sticking out in this one as he got to work…


We topped off the afternoon with some foot races although I’m pretty sure this was a mismatched heat. Nicki is about a foot shorter than her husband and was carrying their oldest son.

But I’m not surprised.



I already knew she was Supermom!

Tonya Niemeyer These are wo awesome! Absolutely gorgeous pictures!!!

Amy I’m loving all your Dayton sessions! It’s so green and beautiful! And this is a boy after my own funny bone… “poop” gets me every time!

erin Amy, that’s so funny…Brent and I said the exact same thing about you as we drove home from this session! “Amy would think it was funny too!” =)

jeramy really cute erin! love the pink shoes! :-) hope all is well….take care.

nicki Oh my gosh…I never left a comment??? I was too busy posting blog entries and links for everyone else to see these.
I LOVE them and I am so happy you were able to capture us.
I will treasure them forever or at least until next year when I get new ones hehe

jessica leigh hey. haven’t stopped by this blog in ages. the photos look fantastic. . .as usual!!!

hope you are good. i need to post a pic of my kitchen. they painted it green, but hubby wanted the inside of the pantry orange. TN VOLS orange. yep. i thought about you, but thank the good lord it will be behind doors, just to make us smile when we see it. i couldn’t bear to do a dramatic color since our main living area is very very open!

anyways. you all need to head to knoxville this summer! hope you are great.

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