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I’ve been smitten with this family and these baby boys for over a year now. First big brother, now little brother. I seriously can’t get enough of them and each time we have a session scheduled I look forward to it like it’s Christmas!

You would too if you were greeted by this x 2!

I’ll see the whole family again in a couple of weeks for their holiday minisession but last weekend I visited specifically to capture 7 month shots of their youngest son. It feels like I was just there photographing him as a newborn, and yet now he sits and even almost crawls! I couldn’t resist a little throwback shot to his newborn session and a comparison…

Oh child, you are a doll.

A very, very active doll. I could barely click the shutter button because I was laughing so hard at his all over the place antics. I’ve seriously never seen anything like it out of a 7 month old child. Don’t let this nice still portrait fool you…he’s a maniac on the move!

Although I was there for little brother my camera can never resist getting at least a couple of the oldest.

And as it turns out, he couldn’t resist me either! While his mom and I were prepping for the next series of shots he ran in from the other room and flung himself on me for a snuggle. So I did what any sane photographer would do…I tossed his mom my camera and preserved the moment!

 So that last one might not end up on their walls but don’t be surprised if it ends up on mine!

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