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When this little man walked in I gave him an instant award.

His new title? Baby Who Looks the Least Like His Newborn Pictures.

Seriously?! Where did the black hair go? The teeny-tinyness? The monkey hat?!

Ah well, he may not resemble his former brand new self but he is an absolute looker nonetheless.

(He gets it honest, right?)

In fact, he’s the face that inspired this Facebook post on Wednesday morning:

So, I’m really going to need my clients to stop making such cute babies. Culling session images tears at my very soul.

Seriously. Can you blame me? How does one narrow down the likes of this?

And he doesn’t even care.

He just laughs in the face of my tortured indecision.

Tommy Vaden Love the photos. They are a great looking family.

Ronda I love the photos! They are wonderful!!

Rita Owens I love the pictures he is so adorable

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