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This year I want to share a bit more “behind the scenes” stories on this blog about the fun we have that yields the gorgeous images you find here. When my clients hang my work on their walls I want them to be able to smile…not just because they love what we created together, but because the memories these images capture were great. We have fun together, we truly do. I’m always surprised by my new clients who express surprise over how stress-free the process is. I just can’t wrap my brain around why having portraits made of bundles of joy should ever, ever, ever be stressful.

Just ask this friend of mine and he’ll tell you…Miss Erin doesn’t let her babies cry…

Even if they do bring LSU Tigers instead of Auburn Tigers…ha!

As a baby plan baby we’ve taken Mr. Trey’s picture on that big ol’ Tiger ever since his very first session. Slowly but surely I think he’s gaining the upper hand!

And speaking of the upper hand…

Yep, big sister is the boss! (Which is probably why I like her so much. We bossypants have to stick together.)

We’ve just started a renovation project upstairs at the Cottage which we’re calling the Cottage Loft. Miss P made me take her upstairs so she could survey the demolition and I think so far she’s happy with our progress. I can’t wait for her to come back and play once it’s all finished!

But I digress. Back to the baby plan cutie at hand…who I believe turns one TOMORROW. (Am I right, mama?!)

He can hardly contain his excitement.

And if ever there were a posture that said, “scoop me up and cover every bit of me with kisses,” this would be it.

The cocked head, the crossed toes, the dimply hand…AH. Pure baby love.

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