and the winner is…


Robin was (self-described) “hardcore” and went through all my old blog posts to confirm which newborns/babies were boys and girls. She even wrote down the dates of the corresponding blog posts for her own reference. So, yeah, I’d say she deserves to win! And since she was the only person to hit the nail on the head (with lots and lots and lots of people coming painfully close) she was definitely the hands-down winner.

So what was the final tally? 94 boys and 111 girls.

Thanks to all of you who participated! I had fun with this and definitely plan to do something like it again so keep your eyes on those inboxes and, of course, the blog!

robin yay!!! thank you sooooooooooooo much, erin, for this wonderful opportunity! we are so excited to meet you — can’t wait! btw, i think i already have some other families lined up for you when you come out to cali. i’ve got them hooked on you & your amazing work! :-)

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