and the winner for most patient client goes to…

This little guy’s mama!


I’m typically a fast sneak peek poster but if you’ve been hanging around lately you may have noticed that I’m having a hard time keeping up. Round Two of minisessions are on Sunday so it’s about to get even worse. Bear with me and enjoy the show. =)

I rarely do urban sessions so meeting this little cutie downtown was super fun for me.


He has the soulful stare down pat, wouldn’t you say?


And the walking too…check out those awesome flailing arms! I love it!



Little guy, I think you were worth the wait.

amy I am a big fan of your photography. I love how you capture the personalities of all your clients – especially the little kids. I am curious….what lens do you typically use during photography sessions? I love the results you get with the blurred background.

erin Thanks so much for your kind words Amy! My lens selection really varies by subject and location. For indoor sessions I’m pretty attached to my 50mm/1.4 or my 85mm/1.8 depending on the space. For outdoor portraits (and this session in particular) I’ve been spending a lot of time shooting with my new 135mm/2.0. Hope that helps!

Megan So awesome erin!! And it was totally worth me being super patient! they turned out great! i cant wait to see more! OH and i think its so funny that you can see his dirty dirty shoe bottoms in that second one and he is trying to put his finger into something in that one too! i love babies, especially mine

Amanda I love these, Erin! I like the urban look. My favorite is the one of him walking. You are a busy busy lady, but you do an awesome job!

Cheryl Johnson what a great location for pictures helped by an adorable subject and a super talented photographer – wonderful work

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