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One of the best things about doing what I do is being able to gift it to the people that I love.  When my brother and sister-in-law asked me to do a beach shoot with my sweet niece I did a little happy dance in my heart. I love getting babies and kiddos in front of my camera but nothing beats photographing the little ones I love the most.

The coolest thing about the time we spent together though was that my kids weren’t there. I was lamenting to my sister-in-law this weekend that I think I’d be such a better/cooler/more fun aunt if I didn’t have my own kids. I just feel like I’m never free to enjoy my nieces and nephew as much as I could if I weren’t constantly herding my own kidlets. This beach shoot was the first time Lily and I got to hang out without the cousins present. And I think it’s pretty safe to say we bonded. =) I sure do love this girl and her toothy grin.


This next shot is for her family members in India. Check her out in her finery… 


And then it’s back to being a rowdy 18 month old again! This next shot is the last one I took…half a second later she tossed a handful of sand in her eyes and I’m sure you imagine how that ended. We called it quits after that! 




Thanks for asking me to do this you guys. I loved every second of it!

sharon j. Just gorgeous! Too funny, though… if that is your brother in the last photo, his face looks exactly like John’s in profile, don’t you think?

Amy Pensyl Erin – these photos are amazing!! Great work. And I also wanted to totally agree with you on the “fun aunt” comment. I really wish I could just be an aunt around my two nephews (3 and 2 months), but since they live out of town, we are always together with the kiddos. And you are right – you can’t just ignore your own and be the fun aunt you want to be. Stinks, doesn’t it!

P.C. Wonderful! Wonderful! Yes, Lily did bond with you that night. Now when I mention Cha Chi she smiles, grits her teeth, and wags her head back and forth (like you did with a piece of grass in your mouth to get her to smile). THANKS SO MUCH!

P.S. We’ll have to try to snag some alone time with Sarah and E too…

Kristin Conk 12 neices and 10 nephews. The nice thing about lots of kids is it’s real easy to be the favorite!! All you have to do is pay a little attention and boom, your the favorite!! It sure does make for fun holidays though!! We have an annual cousin camp and they love that and know thier aunt kristin is the one who puts it on and boom again, while making memories for my own kids i become the favore aunt!!

Cortni So beautiful! She’s a gorgeous little girl. You are a daily inspiration to me as a photographer, mommy and wife! I have a session coming this weekend with a gorgeous little 15 month old and I’ll be thinking of these shots the WHOLE time! :) xoxo

Amy Outstanding!!! My husband happened to be walking by as I was looking at your photos and he said “Wow, now that’s talent….we need to figure out how to get her to Nebraska!!” Erin you are very talented and the people who get to have you photograph their children are oh soooo lucky!

Cha Cha If I could steal a line from our President, “These are awesome”. I love the Lily as well. And I love that she is doing her Romanian gymnast thing in that last silhouette. See you guys soon.

tara pakosta she is gorgeous! i have a niece Lily also!! I was a better aunt when I was 15-29 til I had my own children! Now I suck at it! It’s so different when you are busy with your owN! I am close with all my nieces and nephews who are all now in college than I am with the younger ones who are my girls ages. But it’s great you got to bond with her!

Liz With T being backlit a little, I can imagine it’s B in that romantic sunset =sigh= 😉 😉

L sure is growing into her beauty – gorgeous!

erin Liz, I’m banning your IP address you crazy stalker!!! =) HA!

Krista just catching up on your photos – I love the last shot of Lily with her Daddy! (is it her Daddy?) I think it’s because I know all about Daddy’s and their girls… It’s amazing!

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