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One day this baby-sized heartbreaker will grow into a boy-sized heartbreaker.

He’ll turn four years old and head off to preschool for the first time leaving his sweet mama at home.  They’ll both miss each other but he won’t be lonely for long. Because he just may catch the eye of a four year old girl-sized heartbreaker who has a hankering for boys in bow ties.

And that little girl-sized heartbreaker may become so smitten with this boy-sized heartbreaker that she will devote all of her Valentine decorating time to creating a classroom set of those lacy bad boys…just for him. All of them donning both of their names. In bubble hearts.

And when he brings that treasure trove of love home to show his mama she’ll know she must introduce herself to the girl-sized heartbreaker’s mama.

The mamas will meet.

And they will become lifelong best friends.

At least that’s what will happen if history repeats itself.

Any idea who that original smitten little girl may have been?

As my Granny would say, “I’ll give you three guesses…first two don’t count.”


I was honored to photograph the family of one of my oldest friends, Paul, a couple of weeks ago in California. It’s wild to see him holding his own real life baby now, rather than the Cabbage Patch Kids we spent hours playing with as children (go ahead and ask him but I’m quite sure he’ll deny it…)

My sister introduced Paul to his beautiful wife Alexis several years ago and now they’re a happy family of three…

With the cutest darn baby heartbreaker you ever did see…

Here’s to history repeating itself.

Paul May our Son grow to be as lucky as his Dad…Lucky to have made such amazing friends (and partners in crime, ‘eh Meg?). Lucky that their Mother has been the Sister my Mother never had. Lucky to grow up one of “Us”. Whatever we are today…Whatever we may become tomorrow…We will forever be Family. You guys are the best–Even if you tell people about the Cabbage Patch that I never had 😉

Photos are amazing…Thanks so much!!!

Jennifer Aw… what an adorable baby, sweet family, lovely story, a beautiful comment by Paul. :)

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