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Ten years old is one of the milestone ages when I recommend parents update their children’s portraits. (Find my portraiture timeline here.) Ten year olds are often standing on the bridge between childhood and young adulthood. It’s a delightful age. And if ever there were spokespeople for the word “delightful” it would be these two…

This set of ten year old twins was so much fun. They were so comfortable in their own skin and with each other…barely batting an eye when I asked them to snuggle or be kind to one another. It made me happy just to be around them! I always say my favorite subjects are those who love each other and are happy to be there. This family certainly fit that bill.

I asked the kiddos who wanted to be first to be photographed by asking, “who’s brave?”. I noticed the shy pokes in each other’s ribs. But finally I had a volunteer…

And she was fabulous! If I could re-do age 10 I’d do it that way. Self-assured, beautiful, and sweet. The perfect combination for a young lady.

Her brother was exactly the same, but substituting “beautiful” for “handsome”  and “young man” for “young lady”, of course!

 Great kids all the way around. Although they did break my two cardinal rules…  NO smiling and NO having fun.

Oh well, maybe another day…


Erin H. I love that last one so much!

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