a charm.

 That’s what they say about the third time. And that’s what *I* say about this little dude. It tooks us three different appointments to finally get together, but for this fabulous 15 monther the third time really was a charm. He was amazing!

We started out with a more classic look in mind…after all, this is the South (even if his dad is from Canada!).  😉


Oh how I love baby giggles…


His sweet mama brought a trunk load of the most fabulous clothes and asked me to choose his next outfit. I could have chosen any thing she had and it would have been fabulous…the girl’s got style! Check out his duds…


Yes, that’s an elephant on his shirt and, yes, I chose it. I hope my fellow Auburn alum can forgive me.

Even his shoes were adorable…I’m typically not one to photograph feet but these were too cute to resist!


Don’t let the pictures fool you, he was spunky and fast!


But with a face like this, easily forgiven. Besides,  I needed the exercise.  The Girl Scouts have been to my house.


Although this was mainly a session to celebrate little dude turning one, his big brother was equally amazing and so, so fun. Hanging out with me him really made me miss my days teaching kindergarten. I never get tired of toothless grins like this…


And nothing beats brother cuddles like this…


Pure joy.

uncle Gene Holy smokes! You guys look like the greatest best buddies and cousins to have ever!
Can’t wait to see you soon so we can have some fun!

martha Erin, again, beautiful pictures! Are you shooting these with a 50mm? I think I read some place you like to shoot between a 2.0 or 2.8 – is that what these are?

Just beautiful – great looking kids!

Gene & Olga Spanier So darling, We love each and every one of them
Poppy and Oma, from Canada

zia and uncle paul What beautiful pictures of our nephews. We can’t wait to get copies to put up in our home.
Great job with the selection of outfits. Way to go mamma!!
Wonderful photography as well.
Thanks for sharing.

erin Thank you for your kind comments. I love to see families commenting! I’m so glad you all love what you see so far. There’s even more cuteness to come!

Martha, I typically use my 85mm/1.8 outdoors which is what these were shot with. And, yes, all of these were probably shot somewhere between 2.0 and 2.8 with the exception of the siblings shot which was probably about 3.2. (I’m on my laptop right now or I would look up my exact settings).

Lisa and Greg Rodgers OMG !! Karen The boys look so cute !!! I love the elephant outfit 😉 is it Boden ? you know I love Boden . I need to phone and make an appointment with Erin ! the photos are lovely.Thank you for sending me the link 😉

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