5 year old rockstar | huntsville children’s photographer


The minute this little guy pulled up, got out of the car and handed me a (fake) hundred dollar bill I knew we would be fast friends!

He kept the jokes and laughs coming the entire time we were together. His fantastic personality was only matched by his amazing wardrobe…

…and his doting parents, of course!

 Seriously, I could have kept this up all day long! But my new friend had Mexican food on his mind, so we eventually had to call it quits.

If I have it my way though, I’ll be seeing this kid again. He’s a rockstar for sure!

Jen Orbistondo Pure awesomeness. So cute.

Alison Oh me jeez! – that second shot… I can see why you didn’t want to stop! Just excellent.

Aunt Joy Great photography and her models must have been a delight for her. If I had to choose one, I think it would be the last shot of Sean Phillip. All are adorable. Thank you for sharing these, Dawn.

Lacey R He looks like a “keeper.” What a jovial & handsome little guy! I love that his personality exudes from these photos without even reading the captions!

Grandad Colvvert They were ALL great but, I like the first one best, what a HAM!
Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

Grandad Colvert There’s just one V in Colvert, this computer can’t spell any better than it did yesterday. Yeah!


Grandad Colvert I kinda like the one with the three of you also, maybe a tie!

Rhonda What a cutie SP is?! Amazing pictures of a beautiful family.
A loved looking at them too :)

Cathy (bug) These are really cute pictures, a real good looking family. I think of you offen and love you all very much. Come see moms new addition little cody, he’s like Adore but smaller.
Cathy :<)

beth they are all so cute! i like them all but the first and third are probably my favorites. this is such a cute age to capture in photos, my favorite with lj. :)

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