22. | Huntsville engagement pictures

It’s been over a decade since 22 for me. And I don’t remember every detail. But what I do remember includes being absolutely smitten with my husband. Truth be told, I still am. Which is why it’s so exciting to see this young couple right on the brink of their married journey. Because I know it will only get better for them…

And when you start by adoring each other this much, that’s really saying something…

Go Bulldogs?

That’s probably the only time you’ll hear me say that…

Congratulations you guys.

You make 22 look even better than a Taylor Swift song.

Leslie Franklin Oh Erin… these are so beautiful! You perfectly captured their smitten”ness”! You are such a gifted artist and I will never be able to thank you enough for sharing that gift! If you feel your ears burning, don’t worry…that will just be me singing your praises!

Christi Love it!!! Go Dawgs! These two have been the sweetest couple ever since high school and they just keep getting cuter! SO excited for y’all :)

Janie I don’t feel that old (just about the same age as you) but geez, this couple looks like babies to me! I’m sure they will be forever grateful!

Carol Shrader Love your work — have been playing with my photos since purchasing your Clean Color tutorial and just love love the difference! Had to comment on this one though because even though I live in Phoenix, AZ I am a huge Bulldog fan! Pray blessings on this cute couple’s marriage! (I know they will cherish these engagement photos!)

Linda Rass Erin these pictures are wonderful. What a treasure for Lindsey and Tyler.

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