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the baby’s baby | huntsville baby plans

Caution: this blog post may contain some of the most ridiculously cute things you’ve ever seen. Like this… I have no words. None. And then there’s this…Am I the last person on earth to know they make hats with pigtails?! I’m gonna need an order of these, stat. This sweet child is another one of […]

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baby squeals | huntsville and madison baby portraits

I love my baby plan babies. LOVE. And the break between seeing them as newborns to then seeing them at six(ish) months is SO fun. Because when they walk in the door for their second session they are completely different babies then they were as sweet, squishy little newborns. They usually have more hair, they’re […]

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baby gus | huntsville newborn photographers

If you’ve been to the Cottage in the last few months you may have noticed a new friendly face around. In an act of friend heroics Ginger called, shortly after Heather moved on to a full time job, offering to help me get through the busy Fall portrait season. I could have cried I was […]

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