2010 Minisessions – get ’em while they’re hot!

I am absolutely THRILLED to share with you our holiday minisession information today! So without further adieu…

Just where are these fabulous sessions, you ask?

This minisession information went out yesterday via email to those signed up for my newsletter (check out the signup in the sidebar) and as you can see the November 6th date sold out within hours. There are a still a handful of sessions left on October 23rd although those are sure to go quickly as well. If that date doesn’t work for you please don’t hesitate to contact me anyway. Chances are I’ll be adding at least another half day of sessions due to the insane demand!

Take a look at the fabulous collections put together ONLY for these minisessions. (And don’t forget, a la carte ordering is always available, with no minimum order.)



And finally, our holiday card collections. I LOVE THEM. I hope you will too!


If you have been a client any time this year and would like to order from our holiday card selection just shoot me an email. You don’t have to be on the minisession list to get in on this loveliness!

To sign up for your minisession or be added to the waiting list for an additional date just email me – erin at erincobb dot com. Or give me a call – 256.656.1500. The remaining slots are sure to go quickly so don’t hesitate!  

ella walker looooove your holiday selections!!!

ella walker loooove your holiday selections!

Catherine Stunning!!!

Lacey You’ve been busy! How do you find time to do all this… video… holiday cards?? Love it all and SO wish I live near you so I could have you photograph my family!

Cristobal Do you know how I avoid duplicate iCal alerts? (Apple support does not, so far…) I think b/c of iCloud calendar sharing in between my husband and i, I’m getting two alerts for every event on the iMac and on the iPhone. anything is up to date and that i have a new MacBook Pro and the new iPhone 4s.

ten on tuesday. » The PigBear […] My August shooting break is over and sessions have started back in full swing. Minisessions booked fast and furious last week. If you missed this morning’s newborn, check him out. He’s sure to make you […]

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