alabama snow.

Now that I think it’s safe to say we’ve officially entered Spring here in Alabama, I feel warm enough to post these snow pics. I think the snow situation in Huntsville is just about perfect. We generally get about one good dumping a year (where “dumping” = 6 inches) and it’s late enough in the season that it’s a great way to bid Winter adieu.

Snow doggies. Is there anything cuter?

Snow neighbors: also cute.

Snow drinkers: jury’s out.

(Sidenote: Jake called the second the snow started coming down and said he would be hunkering down at our place. His exact quote: “Y’all are rich and have beer and food. I’m staying with you.” The last two of those three things are true. So Jake took up residence on our couch for the duration.)

And that was the end of day one. It was clearly exhausting.

Of course, we were all back at it again first thing the next morning. Temps were headed quickly into the 40’s so the kids were determined to get every second of snow time they could.

Cute snow doggie included.

But this kid. Y’all, he just might break the internet. Cutest two year old ever. I love my baby Jude.

And these almost tweens.

And these pushing 40’s (well, one of us anyway)…

those two are borderline cute.

Christmas: hitting the high notes.

I guess since tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day it’s time for me to blog about Christmas. I thought about just letting it go but I can’t bring myself to miss a Christmas morning post.

As he always is in the morning, B-Ro started the day off in a fog. Needless to say, he’s not our morning kid.

After reading Santa’s letter, they started in on their gifts.

Sarah was delighted to find Chaco sandals in her pile of three Santa gifts. Despite our insistence that sandal were not an appropriate gift for the Winter, Santa overruled us. He also brought her a password journal and a ukelele.

Her brother kept her well-stocked in hand sanitizers.

He knows his sister well.

Ephraim received a new baseball glove from Santa, a ukelele and…something else. I can’t remember. It’s been three months, what can I say.

Uncle Tory and Aunt Parmy gave him a super cool lego kit which he spent the rest of the day working on.

That is, when he wasn’t inspecting the new telescope from Mom and Dad. 

(This year he says he’s asking for a Hubble telescope from Santa. Heaven help us.)There was a definite ukelele learning curve but eventually both kiddos picked it up (no pun intended) and played a couple little ditties for us. 

Sarah changed the voice-activated password on her new journal about a thousand times,

And Ephraim got decked out for some sporting outside with Dad.

And those, my friends, are the high notes of Christmas ‘ 14.

ten on tuesday.

1. Brent recently installed Apple TV at our house and after school today the kids and I wanted to watch it. I couldn’t figure out how to turn it on but, thankfully, my seven year old could. Think he’ll program my VCR for me when I’m old?

2. And why did we want to watch our Apple TV? Leave It to Beaver on Netflix. The kids are officially hooked on Wally and the Beav. And I’m thinking I may need my VCR programmed sooner rather than later.

3. Sarah and I have just started working on a mother-daughter journal together that I saw recommended by A Mighty Girl called Just Between Us. I can’t overstate how fun it’s been. Highly recommend if you have a tween-ish girl in your house.

4. Friday night we hosted our quarterly Supper Club at our house. You really have to bring your “A” game with this particular group of creative culinary couples and while I technically have no “A” game…I have friends who do. Which is how I ended up with this breathtaking centerpiece that couldn’t have fit my house better if I had designed it myself. Which, of course, I never could have. My friend Charlotte Wessel is incredibly gifted in creative floral design and I was so excited to have one of her masterpieces on my table! Charlotte is in the process of launching a floral design blog and I will link it up here the very second it goes live.

5. My book club just finished The Rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell and have moved on to The Girl on a Train. Both have been fun interludes to the Outlander series that I’m four books into. Just in case you needed a few recommendations. =)

6. I also snuck ahead on our reading list and read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It’s a quick and interesting read but be prepared to devote half of your weekend to furiously cleaning out every closet in your house. I’m embarrassed to admit that eight trash bags of clothes and shoes were removed from my bedroom on last Thursday’s snow day.

7. Interesting piece on NPR this week about parents nurturing narcissism in children.

8. And speaking of NPR, after Serial I moved on to Invisibilia. Not quite as riveting but infinitely more informative.

9. We’re hitting the 60’s here this week and the rain is moving in. I say, bring on Spring!

10. Happy Tuesday friends!

ten on tuesday.

1. Excuse me while I blow the dust off these ToT keys…

2. This weekend the six girls from my running group drove down to the coast for the Seaside Half Marathon. We stayed at our beach house (post to come) and had an absolute blast. It was my 9th half marathon and #10 will happen next month in Lynchburg. After five years of serious running I think I’m finally ready to think about a full 26.2. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have resources/training plans/regimens you think I need to know about.

3. This morning my dog Tigger Facetimed with Samantha’s new puppy, Coco. Whoever said long distance relationships are for the dogs was totally right. As much as it stinks having a bestie in Boston, I still probably wouldn’t trade her.*

4. * I technically have to say that since it’s her birthday in 8 days.

5. This weekend there was some serious discussion about karaoke songs, in preparation for our annual backyard Summer shindig that never disappoints in the live (bad) music department. We made a mental list of best karaoke songs which, of course, included Total Eclipse of the Heart. And so I had to show them this:

6. The kiddos have been helping out with making lunches on mornings that they have extra time. Tomorrow I think they’ll be happy to find one of their weird but delicious favorites in the fridge: rice balls. These are total throwbacks to my own childhood when my Mom used to make them as an after dinner treat for my sister and me. If you have extra rice on the stove they’re super simple to make. Just scoop a handful of rice and squeeze it back and forth in your hands until it forms a ball. Then roll tightly and call it done.

7. And yes, that Pyrex is a total throwback to my childhood too. My mom can find anything at a Goodwill and vintage colorful Pyrex is no exception. She keeps me well outfitted in glassware of every shape, size and era.

8.Speaking of every shape, size and era – I bought two bathing suits on a whim this weekend when we stepped into a store to buy last minute warm running gear. (Turns out the weather for our beach race wasn’t so beachy.) Thank goodness I nabbed those babies just in time for the ice storm that’s heading our way. *sigh*

9. I got bangs a couple of months ago and the “you look like Jennifer Garner” comments have stepped up exponentially. Last week at Costco when the cashier asked if anyone ever tells me that I look like JG Sarah jumped in before I could answer and said, “YES. All the time.” Truth.

10. Have a great week friends!

ephraim turns 7.

I have to admit how surprised I was to come back to the blog and actually see comments. I had almost forgotten what those were. Thanks, y’all. I actually came back with the intention of writing a little something that’s been rolling around in my head. But then I found three picture posts that I never actually finished so I figured I’d start there.

Ephraim’s 7th birthday happened. He’s pushing 7 1/2 now so I guess it’s time to share. My children both have birthdays that fall right smack in the middle of my busiest portrait season which would be pretty sad for them if they didn’t have the Daddy they do. But over the last several years he has stepped up to the birthday party plate in a major way. This year might have taken the cake for E though…

It was a nerf battle of epic proportions.

Brent built targets for the kids in the painstaking way that only a NASA engineer can. They were perfect.

Even this mama got in on the action.

(And for anyone that knows my Mom, was that one of her poses or what?!)

This one, on the other hand, I’m afraid is all mine…

Sarah busied herself as emcee for the afternoon. A job she took a little too much of a liking to if you ask anyone in attendance. She was was drunk on microphone power.

After some target practice the battle began. The rule was that anyone who was shot had to head to the side wall for 10 jumping jacks.

I spent a lot of time on the wall.

So did the emcee…but mainly because she was busy trying to yell at the boys for any perceived infraction.

The birthday boy wanted an Auburn cake this year…

and his Daddy was sure to oblige.

After a quick group shot at the end,

and a mandatory photo bomb by big sister,

It all came crashing down.


Good on you, Brent Cobb. I nominate you all time boy Cobb party planner.