the seaside half.

Like all of the posts in the queue here at The Pigbear, this one is old. How old, you ask? Like, old enough that when I was in these pictures I had bangs. Which then grew out. And have now been cut into bangs again. That’s two whole seasons by my count.

But this trip was fun and has stories worth telling so here we go.

This past February (told you this was old!) my running group headed down to the beach to run the Seaside Half Marathon. A couple of years ago Brent and I were generously gifted the beach house that Brent’s parents built 30+ years ago. It was their baby for decades, and now it’s ours. We have already had SO many adventures there, with so many more to come.

Our house is in Laguna Beach, just outside of Panama City Beach, and just short jaunt from the hoity toity beaches down 30A. So we loaded up the day before the race and headed down to road to grab our registration packets, shop and carb load.

These friends have come to mean so much to me.  I started running with them two or three years ago when I had a couple of half marathons under my belt but was starting to get bored with just the thoughts in my own head on a ten mile long run. I heard these girls had a group and that they might not mind me honing in on it. So hone I did. And now, hundreds of miles and ten half marathons later I dare them to even think about kicking me out. Their friendship has done more for my sanity than running ever has…and that’s saying a lot. I adore them.

Amy and Angela…

Plus Bri…

I think you know this one…

Plus Julie and Brooke…

Told you we were carb loading. Beer = best carb ever.

Once Seaside sent us packing we headed back to Laguna and spent the rest of the day resting our legs at the house.

Not counting the mad dash to TJ Maxx for sheddable cool weather clothing when we realized the race start temps were much lower than we had expected.

After a good night’s sleep we were up at zero-dark-thirty for race day.

Race, miles, run, blah, blah, blah.

13.1 miles later we were back, showered, happy, and half-drunk on mimosas. Post-race afternoons are a beautiful thing!

We strolled down to the beach, looking like a cross between a Beatles album cover and an ad for colored denim.

Then I got a picture of their cute runner’s butts as I simultaneously tried to sell them a house in our beach neighborhood…

Maybe we’ll stay at their house next year!

Washington, D.C.

Back in March, for Spring Break, the family headed to Washington, D.C. In some ways it felt like our first “real” family trip, which seems silly considering how many places these kids have been. But because this was a destination driven entirely by curiosity and culture, rather than visiting family and friends, it felt different. We 100% embraced it as a grand adventure. Our original plan was to take a train up but when that ended up being twice as much as flying (holy Amtrak!) we changed course. We ended up with five nights in city and we made the absolute most of it. Many of the memories were immediately archived and shared via Instagram but I made a point to pull out the big guns every now and then too.

Proof that these kids are my direct offspring: the LOVE a hotel…

The morning after we arrived we headed out bright and early for a tour of the Capitol building given by none other than Mo Brooks, our congressman. All politics aside, I give the man props for escorting those Cobblets (and a host of other constituents around).

And I’m here to tell you: he left no historical stone unturned. We saw every inch of the Capitol building that was accessible to the public…and probably even some inches that weren’t. The kids are quick to point out that it was a three hour tour with no snacks or bathroom breaks. And that’s true. But it also a once a in a lifetime opportunity. Very cool.

Here they are in the Capitol hall that houses monuments from the states. Each state get two and Alabama has Rosa Parks and Helen Keller. Nice going ladies. Way to represent.

We packed enough history into that first day to fill us for the week, but we still had more to see. All the high notes were musts for the kids, of course. The Washington Monument…

The Jefferson memorial, where we later took a family selfie standing in the same spot where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech. (chills)

Arlington National Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which was absolutely worth the hike and lived up to the hype. 

(Needless to say, it was cold. And E borrowed layers.)

And the highlight of Sarah’s week: a trip into Georgetown to cruise through Georgetown Cupcakes…the inspiration for the cable show D.C. Cupcakes. History, shmistory. This girl needed a cupcake fix…

daddy daughter dance

This post has been sitting in the queue for a while. Like, two months. The Indian Princess Daddy-Daughter dance was back in February and these two spiffy Cobbs weren’t going to miss a chance to get dressed up for a night on the town…

Especially together.

I’m not sure what this is exactly, but I think it might be Brent practicing his dance moves. For some reason Sarah still agreed to go with him.

There’s a wonderful restaurant in our town that Sarah has been dying to go to for years. It’s higher dollar than we typically spend on our kiddos so we haven’t been with them. But our foodie girl was delighted to learn that her Daddy was taking her there before on the dance…on a double date with Betsy and her Dad. Score.

The girls were more than happy to pose for a few shots together before being whisked away. I have visions of many, many middle school and high school dances together in these girls’ futures.

As for these boys…

I’m not sure they’ll be invited back.

ten on tuesday.

1. I bit it on my run this morning. Ate pavement. Busted. You can ask my running partners…it wasn’t pretty. And while I didn’t fall gracefully (at all) I did manage to somehow save all of the important joints and bones in my body so score one for me. My pride is a whole ‘nother story.

2. Speaking of running, this evening Brent and I were telling Ephraim about a 5K we ran in together last week. I told him that Brent finished a few seconds ahead of me to which Ephraim responded, “Dad! You’re supposed to take it easy on the ladies!”. Back to the women’s lib drawing board with the 7 year old I guess…

3. Speaking of equality, I was reminded last week of my disdain for the game “Guess Who”.  It’s such a great concept for a logic game but the ratio of men:women in the game is insane. Like 19:5. Drives me batty. I was talking with some friends about it the other day (random, yes) and had to ask the Google why this was. I came across this article, which didn’t answer my question but did leave me feeling less alone in my war against Guess Who.

4. And yes, I clearly have time and a whole lotta pent up angst on my hands.

5. And at risk of sending this whole blog post sliding down a slippery slope of feminism, a friend of mine sent me this article and it made me laugh: The Default Parent. Enjoy.

6. I’ve become hooked on the Seven Minute Workout App. It’s not quite as addictive and mind numbing as Candy Crush (my first love) but it’s better for my abs. And believeyoume, my abs could definitely use less Candy and more Crush.

7. I finished All the Light We Cannot See last week, on the day it won the Pulitzer. Great read. Highly recommend.

8. Saturday I randomly grabbed the book The Lifeboat off the shelf at the library based on absolutely no one’s recommendation. Sometimes you just gotta go rogue. I’m about two chapters from the end and I’m wishing someone else were reading it too so I could discuss it with someone. Which makes it a good book in my opinion. Recommend.

9. The weather has finally turned toward Spring here in the South and to my surprise I think I turned into a gardener over the Winter. I’ve been planting containers of flowers, herbs and ferns like nobody’s business. And even better – I’m keeping them alive!

10. Erin Cobb: gardening, seldom-blogging, dog-loving, coffee drinker. Huh. Wonders never cease.

alabama snow.

Now that I think it’s safe to say we’ve officially entered Spring here in Alabama, I feel warm enough to post these snow pics. I think the snow situation in Huntsville is just about perfect. We generally get about one good dumping a year (where “dumping” = 6 inches) and it’s late enough in the season that it’s a great way to bid Winter adieu.

Snow doggies. Is there anything cuter?

Snow neighbors: also cute.

Snow drinkers: jury’s out.

(Sidenote: Jake called the second the snow started coming down and said he would be hunkering down at our place. His exact quote: “Y’all are rich and have beer and food. I’m staying with you.” The last two of those three things are true. So Jake took up residence on our couch for the duration.)

And that was the end of day one. It was clearly exhausting.

Of course, we were all back at it again first thing the next morning. Temps were headed quickly into the 40’s so the kids were determined to get every second of snow time they could.

Cute snow doggie included.

But this kid. Y’all, he just might break the internet. Cutest two year old ever. I love my baby Jude.

And these almost tweens.

And these pushing 40’s (well, one of us anyway)…

those two are borderline cute.