ten on tuesday.

1. Here in Alabama we have three days left of school. THREE.

2. Today was Beach Day which entails our entire school frolicking in water slides and mud.

3. You know when the absolute worst time is to have a staph infection cut out of your lower leg? Beach day. Hello water, mud, filthy children and lots of bandages and prayer. And antibiotics.

4. I have no idea how I picked up a staph infection. However, I found it on Saturday so I’m going on record saying it was directly related to the fact that I cut grass the previous day. I probably haven’t cut the grass in a decade but Brent was out of town last week and I was trying to be helpful. Know what else would be helpful? Not losing my right leg. (I kid…all is well. I’m just prone to hyperbole. #shocker)

5. I have stopped and started the first Harry Potter no less than three times with Sarah. Try as I might she’s just not interested. But yesterday I started reading it to Ephraim and that kid is HOOKED. I read two more chapters than I planned to tonight simply because I couldn’t say no to the look of thrilled pleading that only a good story can bring out in a kid.

6. Harry Potter was a good compromise after I read the first two chapters of Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Lightning Thief to him last week. He loved it…and by loved it I mean loved to be terrified by it. After he stopped going into his room alone in the middle of the day I knew I had tried that particular story a bit too soon.

7. Things I’m looking forward to most about Summer: pool time, lax bedtime rules, NOT MAKING LUNCHES. Amen?

8. Sarah and Ephraim both wrote me letters for Mother’s Day. Ephraim’s was short and sweet: I love you Mom. I love you when you are mad, sad and I love you still when you are happy. (Swoon). Sarah’s was lengthy and gushing but my favorite lines came at the end: You are the best mom in the history of the world! So who cares if we can’t watch Disney Channel? Who cares if we can’t have pop tarts for breakfast? (I hardly like both of those!) You are awesome, and don’t let anyone tell you you’re not.

9. I’m going to Pure Barre in the morning which reminds me of this amazingness I read last month. If you’ve ever been to a barre class, enjoy.

10. FYI…

Email me to schedule yours. =) (erin at erincobb dot com)


Bedtime, in a series of four.

Oh how I adore those silly, sleepy boys.

the six sardines.

Last Saturday my family attended an event that was 17 years in the making…the reunion of my six high school best friends. We haven’t all been together since graduation but somehow we picked right back up where we left off. With a few more people in tow of course (there are 13 children between us). We took on the name The Six Sardines after a particularly long European trip together in a particularly small train car made for four…not six. But we weren’t willing to be split up so instead we crammed ourselves into that little space like sardines. And it stuck.

I kind of feel at a loss for words as I try to explain what these people have meant in my life. They saw me through four of the best and worst years of my life so to be back with them was like reliving all of that again. Only in four hours instead of four years. Surreal.

As Brent and I drifted off to sleep that Saturday evening the last words he said to me were, “I’m jealous of your high school friends.” He had never been with all of us together and as the memories started flowing I even found myself feeling jealous of that too-fortunate high school girl who was surrounded by five of the most incredible people everyday of her life for four years. Time has moved on and life has unfolded in the beautiful way that it should, but there is a part of my heart that will forever be frozen in those times. And a part of my heart will always hold space for those five people.

James, Dave, Isabelle, Mithila, Daphne…thank you.

And now for the pics…

(All the kiddos minus James’ oldest son, Wyatt, who stayed home with his grandmother so as not to unleash his toddlerness on the masses. Or so his Father says. I would have snuggled that kid to pieces. He’s real cute.)

As a graduation gift all those years ago, James’ parents scheduled a portrait session for the six of us. We each were given a small frame engraved with the words “The 6 Sardines” and a picture that looked exactly like this…give or take 17 years.

(Love you guys.)


To the one I was gifted by birth and the one I was gifted by marriage…Happy Mothers Day.

You are loved.

ten on tuesday.

1. I feel like every post these days begins with an apology. But really, I can explain. I had the very best of intentions about posting more pictures/stories here with my genius new stay-at-home camera set up. And then I couldn’t find a camera battery, blah blah blah. I think it’s all good though now. Took my first picture tonight! So there’s that.

2. I got back on Sunday from a week in Dallas at the Texas School of Professional Photography. I cannot recommend it highly enough for my professional photog friends out there. I wouldn’t recommend going solo like I did though…it makes the “Anything But Clothes” party somewhat awkward when you’re not rolling with a posse. Or maybe that’s just me.

3. On Saturday I’m headed to my hometown to meet up with my five best high school friends for the first time in 17 years. I had to check my math to make sure that was right. Sadly, it is. It means two things: 1. I’m old 2. I’m terrible at keeping in touch. I seriously can’t wait to see those fools and all their little offspring!

4. Did you read this piece Rob Lowe wrote about sending his oldest son off to college? I’m renaming him Sob Lowe. Sheesh. You’ve been warned.

5. It makes me think of my very first class of kindergarteners who will be graduating this month in Dayton, Ohio. What I wouldn’t give to be there!

6. It’s Accelerated Reader crunch time for my kiddos who are trying to eek every possible point out of their reading program for the year. Ephraim is on a mission to read 18 books this week so he can be in the 100 point club, and Sarah is set to reach 300 points tomorrow. I’m proud of those little motivated readers!

7. School is out here in 13 days. Mind, blown.

8. Our Summer will be super short here but we plan to pack it all in – beach trips, Isle of Palms reunion, day camp, VBS, babysitter fun, pool trips…bring it on!

9. I fully realize that about two weeks into Summer I will remember how run-ragged I always get trying to play mama/activities coordinator/shuttle bus driver/small business owner. Bring it on?

10. Happy Tuesday friends!

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