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What is Clean Color?

Clean Color is a workflow video tutorial designed to show you my image editing process from beginning to end in Lightroom.  In addition to the comprehensive video (roughly two hours in length) you’ll also receive all of the image files showcased in the video so you can play along at home.

IMPORTANT: If you’re a photographer or aspiring photographer in Huntsville, Alabama or its immediate surrounding areas then the Clean Color Workflow Video is not for you.

To learn more about what Clean Color IS and ISN’T, click here.

Your Clean Color Workflow Video MP4 Download will include:

~  A roughly 2 hour-long screen capture video showcasing everything I do in Photoshop, Elements, or Lightroom (depending on the version purchased) from beginning to end. Culling, editing, color issues, skin tones, touchups, sharpening, file management. It’s all inside.

~ Access to images used on the video for your own practice at home.

~ My shortcut presets that are utilized in the Clean Color process.

~ A table of contents for the video file, making it easy to find and review specific sections of the tutorial.

System/User Requirements:

~ The ability to download and playback an MP4 file. Quicktime or VLC Player are recommended for playback. (both are free downloads)

~ If you are unsure of how to download, unzip, and play an MP4 file, please download my free intro video FIRST to be sure you have it figured out BEFORE purchasing any of my Clean Color Tutorials. This video clip will also give you a short introduction into the Clean Color videos. (Click on the image to open the download dialog box, save the file to your computer, right click the file and select “extract all” to unzip the contents.)

Note: Your files will download best/fastest when using Firefox or Safari as your browser.

Disclaimer: I will be unable to provide tech support for how to download, unzip, and play the MP4 file. I strongly encourage you to download the free intro video FIRST to ensure that you know how to do those things before purchasing the full versions. The compressed Photoshop video is about 140 MB, the Elements version about 130 MB and the Bundle about 270 MB. The Lightroom version is over 500mb. Over a high speed internet connection this may take several minutes or more than an hour to download. Just allow it to run in the background until it’s fully downloaded.

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Clean Color for Full Photoshop

Price: $129

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Clean Color for LIGHTROOM

Over the last several years I have gradually moved my editing process from Photoshop into Lightroom. Although I still pull images into Photoshop for a few final tweaks and edits before printing, Lightroom is now where 80-90% of my editing takes place. Lightroom is an incredibly powerful program that allows you to create an editing style and replicate it over multiple images instantly. I highly recommend Lightroom for photographers (amateurs and professionals alike) who are looking to speed up their workflow, while maintaining an accurate and reliable style.

This tutorial was created using Lightroom 4. Newer versions of Lightroom are available but the nuts and bolts remain the same. This tutorial will still greatly benefit your understanding of the Lightroom editing process.

Price: $129

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Clean Skin is an add-on resource to Erin’s wildly popular Clean Color tutorial, although purchase of the original tutorial is not necessary in order to take full advantage of this new workflow video. Clean Skin will walk you through Erin’s detailed process for editing skin in her portraits for the most natural, yet polished look possible. You’ll watch along for over an hour as Erin edits skin on subjects of varying ages – from newborn to older adult. If you struggle with taking your images from snapshot to portrait, Clean Skin could be your answer. Beautifully retouched skin is often a well-guarded secret among professional photographers but with Clean Skin, the secrets are all yours!

Clean Skin will elaborate on a few techniques showcased in Clean Color, and will include additional techniques as well.

Price: $30

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