aunt lu’s.

Since I’m headed back to California in four days it’s probably time I wrap up posts from my last trip there. Here’s a look at some fun we had at my Aunt Lori’s house with the whole fam…

Gizdich pie…you never know where it’ll end up…

Ephraim planted himself on the couch and didn’t move all night. The reason? Video games.

He is his mother’s boy. Little known fact: I once spent an entire Summer on that same couch (well, an older version) on a mission to meet Mario Brothers, under the worshipful eyes of my little cousins, Aaron and Noah. Best days of my life.

I guess it’s time to pass the torch.

Grandpa caught a few snoozes…

while Sarah and Char worked on their Rainbown Looms.

Oh look…here’s one of those “little” cousins I was telling you about…

That dude is getting married in five days! Couple that with the fact that he’s about six inches taller than me now and I guess I can’t call him little anymore. =(

Love those shots of Aunt Lori and her boys (with a little bit of snoozing Grandpa thrown in to keep things fun!)

See y’all this weekend, California fam!

Aunt LuSeptember 18, 2013 - 12:46 pm

Thanks Deed can’t wait to see you and Brent on Friday!!!! There’s a few beers with your names on them 😉

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