beach bay: mission accomplished.

A couple of weekends ago we loaded the kiddos into the truck and headed for the Gulf. Some much needed cousin time was in order.

The Navy base in Panama City has a fantastic little beach area on the bay where the kiddos have always had great luck finding hermit crabs. That became their first mission.

Their second mission? Looking super cute.

Brent soaked up a few rays while enjoying his free cup of Starbucks thanks to his brother’s Starbucks bag-saving ways*.

*Technically I think Tory is just hoarding the bags all the people in his office are using. He’s too cheap to buy Starbucks coffee in a bag OR a cup. 😉

Sorry ladies…they’re both taken.

I know, I know. Not fair.

Unless you’re me or Parmy. We think it’s very fair.

The kiddos’ third mission of the day? Build a house for hermit crab.

Taking all proper water precautions of course…

The adults’ only mission was to sink low into some beach chairs and enjoy each others company.

Easier said than done, right Papa?

I kid.



And Papa insisted on taking at least one of his “Big Girl” playing with the kiddos.

Yeah, he calls me Big Girl. See why enjoying each others company is easier said than done? 😉

Kiddos’ mission #4: dig a hole to China.

And then, look real cute some more.

And I’d say,

with the exception of “Big Girl”,

that was mission accomplished.

Aunt LuJune 10, 2013 - 7:10 pm

Thanks for making me smile on a Monday.

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