ten on tuesday.

1. I spent a blissful Saturday (sans family) shopping, relaxing, watching Glee and eating junk food. ALONE. Brent and Sarah went on an Indian Princess campout and Ephraim headed to Nashville with my mom and stepdad to watch a theatre production of Go Dog, Go! Words cannot describe the fun I had.

2. Among other things I bought two bathing suits and three cover-ups. What does that say about a pool-side body in its mid-30’s? I’ll tell you what it says: the covering up is much more important than the reveal.

3. Having said that, Pure Barre has been awesome and is the sole responsible party for the bikini I might have bought. And the sugar addiction is the sole responsible party for the cover ups. 😉

4. Brent, my beloved rocket surgeon, recently sent me this article in an email message titled “ever wonder what I do at work?” The answer was “no,” but I read the article anyway. Enlightening, letmetellya.

5. I just got home from my monthly Bunco group which doesn’t always involve playing Bunco. Tonight it didn’t at least. But I did get the chance to re-meet someone who I had previously met at an election night part at my house last November. Fun times. Turns out she has a blog too! Hello Kat from Eggton. =)

6. Kudos to Jason Collins for his incredibly well-written and heartfelt piece in Sports Illustrated this week.

7. I went to buy a Crate and Barrel coffee table on CraigsList this afternoon and came home with that plus four pillows. Brent is not particularly pleased with our overabundant pillow situation. Oops.

8. I’m currently registering our family for the 2013 Cotton Row Race: the 10K for me, the 5K for Brent and the 1 mile fun run for Sarah and Ephraim. Today is the deadline for $20 registration so if you jump on it in the next 45 minutes you’ll save a few bucks. As if anyone is still up right now!

9. Last night Ephraim was up a few times with growing pains. Poor fella. I didn’t mind snuggling him a little extra in the middle of the night, even if it did mean missing out on sleep time in my own super comfy bed. And it made it all the more worthwhile when he asked for hugs and kisses before I headed back to my bed. That kid sure is a lover.

10. Speaking of…This afternoon I had a session with a sweet baby girl who brought her big five year old brother along. Ephraim had a ball playing with him at the Cottage and wanted to say a proper goodbye to him before he left. So E climbed into his new friend’s car and said, “Dude, just one hug?”.

Gotta love a five year old boy. That creature is just the perfect mix of sweet and way too grown up.

AllisonMay 1, 2013 - 6:19 am

We have the growing pains over here too. No fun!!

KatherineMay 1, 2013 - 8:30 am

Hello right back! I’m having fun looking through your posts today.

JenniferMay 1, 2013 - 1:30 pm

I miss my guys being 5 years old and loving their mommy….

elizabethMay 3, 2013 - 7:43 am

Bridget has been the only one of our three to wake up distraught and in pain because of growing pains… scared the crap out of us. But she seems to be fine : )

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