Our family has the travel bug. Which is funny because we also usually bring home a bug when we travel. But that’s neither here nor there.

We have the travel bug. We like to be on the go. We love the challenge of packing for a two week trip in 20 minutes and loading the car down with as much as she’ll carry. It doesn’t particularly matter where we go…at least not to the kiddos. They’re in it for the road snacks, the endless ipad-ing, and…

the hotel.

Dayton is their favorite. If you ask them to name their top place to visit, that’s what they’ll tell you. And it makes me love their quirky little selves all the more.

When we first arrived in our hotel for Spring Break/Daddy’s Air Force Reserve Duty ’13 they set right to work unpacking. (Then we realized our hotel door didn’t lock so we repacked, moved rooms, and unpacked again.)

Then they tested out the hide-a-bed.

Friends always ask what we do when we’re on this particular road trip and I never quite know what to say. Because we don’t really do anything. And it’s delightful. We nosh on free hotel breakfast, we shuttle Daddy back and forth to work, we play in the hotel closet/bathtub/cushion fort, we hang out with our dear friends the Derenzos, and we eat at all our favorite Dayton haunts. And that’s pretty much it.

Delightful, I tell you.

On our first official day we headed straight to Noodles. Noodles isn’t technically an old Dayton haunt since they opened here after Brent and I moved to Colorado, but I became obsessed with their mac ‘n cheese in CO when I was pregnant with Sarah and the Dayton franchise scratches the itch.

This one has loved Noodles’ mac ‘n cheese since the womb…

And this one has loved any mac ‘n cheese since I first shoved it into his stubborn little mouth somewhere around the one year mark.

It’s a little bowl of heaven I tell ya.

(Although now that Noodles is posting their calorie count on the menu it’s a very guilty bowl of heaven.)


After our Noodles jaunt we headed to the Derenzos to crash their family of six for the first of what would be a consecutive five days. Many adventures were had. (Including one very scary adventure which I shall thrill you with tomorrow.)

This particular nail-painting adventure though was tame.

That is, if you consider neon yellow nail polish in/on the hands of a seven year old “tame”.


There are two more Dayton requirements we had to check off our list: hanging out with our friend (former youth group member) Joe, and eating at Bill’s Donuts. Even better to do those things together!

Ephraim thrilled Joe with his emphatic reading of Green Eggs and Ham.

Well, thrilled-ish.

Thanks for meeting us Joe…you’re always a good sport!


One of the absolute highlights of the trip was eating lunch with our sweet friend Miss E at her school…which was my old stomping grounds too!

We’ve visited the school many times before but never when school was in session. Sarah was a bit leery of being there with all of the kids and students around. Her stress gene kicked into overdrive and she clung to my hand for most of the visit, begging me not to go into any classrooms or wander anywhere she thought I wasn’t “allowed” to be. So funny, that girl!


All in all, Dayton lived up to the hype.

The hotel was comfy, the junk food was good…

and we brought home a bug (of sorts).

More on that tomorrow!

marianApril 8, 2013 - 6:51 am

Seeing Sarah put away her clothes made me giggle. We just spent ONE night in an Asheville hotel on Saturday but my oldest had to put all of her clothes from her little overnight bag in the drawers. Love these oldest girls of ours. Miss you!

Jessica WApril 8, 2013 - 8:29 am

So glad it lived up to its fun, as usual!

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