ten on tuesday.

1. Thank you so much for your kind words from my last post on our “productive” little Pi’bears. I won’t complain about lagging blog comments because I’m the worst in the world about commenting on other people’s blogs. Instead, I’ll just say how much I loved hearing from you . =) Thank you.

2. Our Cottage open house is fast approaching (September 7th…mark your calendar!) and I’ve had such an extended moment of gratitude this week. When we first moved to Huntsville and I celebrated the launch of Erin Cobb Photography with a party at my house, I think I sent 25 invites. And that was to every single person that I knew. Last week we mailed no less than 175. I love Huntsville.

3. Speaking of “I love Huntsville”, my friend Becca is painting me a sign that says just that. Becca paints the coolest things on found objects and old wood. I have one in the Cottage that says “Life is Beauty Full” and another one on the way with our ECP slogan: “There’s only one beautiful child and every mother has it.” Check out Paint it RED on Facebook.

4. I love that after my Grama pecks out an email of at least a hundred words on her iPad, she always apologizes that it’s short. Her emails are most definitely not short! Now if we can just get her to start that blog…

5. Brent and I finally gave in to the hype and started watching the first season of Downton Abbey. It’s taking everything I have not watch more episodes without him!

6. Huntsville voted today. Did you?

7. On the way into the voting booth Ephraim asked what voting was. I told him it was where people get to choose who they want to be in charge of their city and country. Then he announced, loudly, “I think YOU’RE going to be in charge of the country Mom.” Um, no.

8. My sister is drumming up “likes” for her new Facebook page, Meg Ryan Style. Her wedding dress designs are absolutely breathtaking…and brides need not be in California to have one! Check her out. =)

9. While trying to finish up this post, Ephraim keeps putting his baby “Ella” into my lap. He says she wants to work with me. Chief of Staff maybe?

10. Okay, I’ve been super excited to share this for a while but I wanted to make sure it was official first. I’ve partnered with a digital designer to create a line of custom card templates and marketing pieces for photographers and creatives! I am DYING to show you all what we’ve been working on but we’re keeping it under wraps for just a bit longer. But come mid-September it will be set free into the world. So don’t go buying your holiday card templates just yet…we have some delightful things in store! And yes, we’ll have things available even for those of you who aren’t professional photographers!

SusanneAugust 28, 2012 - 5:54 pm

I just started Dowton Abbey too. It is addicting!

JennyAugust 28, 2012 - 6:12 pm

I jumped on the Downton Abbey bandwagon at the end of the second season and will admit to perhaps ignoring my family for almost 48 hours to watch both Season’s 1 and 2 via iTunes on my iPad. LOVE it SO much! Happy for you and your business Erin, congrats!!!!

MelanieAugust 28, 2012 - 7:13 pm

I LOVE Downton Abbey! I just started watching it this Summer and I was hooked. Can’t wait for the next season in January! 🙂

Tina RAugust 28, 2012 - 9:24 pm

I haven’t watched Downtown Abbey but I’ve heard several people say how much they enjoy it! I am SO excited to see what you have come up with – I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes out! 🙂

anneAugust 29, 2012 - 6:15 am

I caved to the Downton Abbey crazed and watched Season 1 & Season 2 last weekend – can’t wait for Season 3 ! If you like it and you are a reader you would like Kate Morton’s books ! Enjoy.

AshleyAugust 29, 2012 - 6:15 am

Downton is amazing! I found an awesome letterpress card on Etsy that says “I love you more than Downton”. I’m planning to give it to my husband as an anniversary card.

AllisonAugust 29, 2012 - 6:16 am

Totally neglected my family a couple weeks ago to watch both seasons of Downton Abbey. I wish I had waited until maybe December to do this – because the wait until January for season 3 is going to kill me! Enjoy!

DeneenAugust 29, 2012 - 7:35 am

Just liked your sisters facebook page. Love her designs totally looks like something one of my daughters would want 🙂
Can’t wait to see your template designs.

JuliPAugust 29, 2012 - 9:35 am

Downton Abbey is such a great show!
Wow! Those dresses on your sister’s page are stunning! Does First Communion fall under special occasion? I’ll be needing a dress for my daughter next spring.

AngelaAugust 29, 2012 - 6:35 pm

1. I LOVE Downton Abbey…I do suggest watching the first season twice…I picked up a lot of things the second time around.
2. Very excited about your Holiday photo card templates

SusanAugust 29, 2012 - 9:16 pm

Oh, so exciting for your sister! I will be sure to send new brides her way! And #10!?! Can’t wait! LOVED your Clickin’ Mom’s session awhile back and downloaded Clean Color shortly thereafter. (I now use it almost every day!) Thanks so much for sharing your talents! I can’t even imagine how amazing your cards will be!

Doris D.August 30, 2012 - 11:59 am

Ashamed to admit but I watched Season 1 in one sitting. Then my husband wanted to watch it so I watched it with him. My sister just brought Season 2 today so another marathon coming up. It is fabulous. She said #2 was even better than the first.
Good luck with your open house. The signs sound magical.

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