While the major pull to Isle of Palms each Summer is the Cobb-Clark-Shertzer friendship trinity, the other siren call is that of the beach. Each year, this is the sight I love the most…

watching all of my people loaded up, treking over “our hill” toward the beach.

I’ll confess that sometimes in the shortest, darkest days of Winter, that is memory I conjure up.

Once we settle into our stretch of beach, everyone heads right to their activities of choice. Some of them are predictable.

Like Mrs. Clark who read no less than three books under that umbrella.

And Mr. Ephraim, who ate no less than three boxes of snacks.

And Mrs. Shertzer who took no less than 3,000 images.

I’m not even kidding. (Seriously Amy, what was your total count?)

Caroline was pretty adamant that she was going to be a surfer girl all week.  

I overheard her frequently telling Sarah all about what surfer girls do and how they should behave. And what they should wear. Starting with lots and lots of circulation-cutting hairbands on the ankles, apparently.


Ephraim spent much of his beach time complaining about the sand, sea and sun in his eyes. He’s his mother’s boy afterall and, as I frequently say to Brent, we’re sensitive and we’d like to stay that way. (name that song anyone?)

Ephraim and I weren’t the only ones battling sun sensitivity. In fact, one day I had to loan my glasses to Mr. Rich (I was doubled up with a floppy hat too).


 You could pretty much always find William and Hayden in the tide pools… And Benjamin? Well, you could often find him literally in the tide pools…

 The girls and I spent a lot of time beachcombing, which happens to be my hands-down favorite beach activity.  

At the start of one particular walk Sarah announced that she wanted to find a starfish. About a mile later she said, “well, we didn’t find a starfish today Mom, but we did find lots of other treasures.” And not two steps later we hit the starfish motherload…

And that day became known as “Starfish Wednesday”.

Bocce ball was a hit on the beach…

As was cartwheeling…


And Daddy snuggling…





Yep, until next year I plan to keep images like this one filed away for those cold, dark winter days…

Or images like this…

Which actually probably sums up our crazy summer crew quite nicely.

SamanthaJuly 28, 2012 - 5:50 am

Oh, my. LOVE,

heather mayberryJuly 28, 2012 - 7:58 am

so glad you have awesome friends and memories to go along with them. and that would be jewel (her first album) and sensitive. so sad i knew that off the bat.

J.J.July 28, 2012 - 8:43 am

Always look forward to this post, friend, and catching up with all of you at once:) We miss you all!

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