beach day.

The love I feel toward my children knows no bound, that goes without saying. But I’ll be the very first to admit that sometimes they drive me up a wall. In fact, my children have become so accustomed to my exasperation that I barely even have to utter a word or breathe fiery fumes through my nose without one of them preemptively asking, “Mom, are you frustrated?”.

But there’s this interesting phenomenon when it comes to motherhood. Put those same teeny tiny frustrating children into a group setting with a dozen or so additional children (who are surely just as frustrating to their own parents) and take a few steps back.

Something magical happens.

All of a sudden it’s like a veil is lifted and I can see my children for who they are and who they’re growing to be. I can see beyond the moment and get a little glimpse into the future. I had such an experience a couple of weeks ago when Sarah’s class took part in her school’s Beach Day. I watched her line up with anxious anticipation in her little bathing suit and braids and I thought my heart might leap from my chest.

I watched her slide her tiny body down that big ol’ slide and I could see what a child she really is.

I know that sounds obvious, but sometimes in day to day I just get caught up in the regular rhythm of our life and I find myself treating her like a little adult. When I step back and remind myself that she is a six year old child I see her in a different light. For her, so many experiences are still new and exciting and, quite literally, awe-some. What a gift to be a child!

As I watched her little legs sprint across the squishy wet grass in her first crazy wardrobe relay the feeling washed over me again.

Such gratitude that I get to be this crazy, wonderful, maddening child’s mother.

I had to tear myself away from the festivities to head to a morning photo session. But as I walked across the school yard something else caught my eye.

The popcorn man.

And it happened all over again.

In that brief moment I was overcome with gratitude for this partner in my life. The one who knows just how annoying I can be, but loves me anyway. The one who can never find his sunglasses but always seems surprised that he doesn’t know where they are. The one who volunteers for Beach Day and steps right up to the plate when the cotton candy lady gets injured in the machine, and doesn’t bat an eye at the hot wisps of melted sugar that will now be dangerously close to his arm hairs.

Yep, that guy.

The one with the super cute laugh lines.

So I stole a quick kiss before jumping in my car. As much because I loved him as to show the other mamas that the hot concession dad was taken. 😉

It sure is funny what goes through your head on Beach Day.

heather mayberryJune 3, 2012 - 7:49 pm

i love that you are in such deep love with your family! it’s a beautiful thing.

Jessica WJune 4, 2012 - 5:25 am

I can completely empathize with this post! We’ll just leave it at that! ;-p

LaurenJune 4, 2012 - 7:36 am

Love this! My son, who will be three in about two weeks does something similiar. When he can sense I am getting angry or frustrated, he will say “Mommy, you happy?”. It’s a good check for me to take a moment and evaluate how I am coming across. 🙂 Smart, those kids.

Amanda G.June 11, 2012 - 8:23 am

I love reading your blog – and this post sums up why! 🙂

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