that’s LA for you.

Last summer when Amy and Rich got their orders for LA Air Force Base we almost immediately went to work planning our girls’ weekend there. I had gone to LA around this time last year for travel sessions and it was such a great experience that I knew I would return. And since combining business with pleasure is one of my spiritual gifts (just go with it) I figured meeting up with my best girl friends while booking a few sessions was perfecto.

Amy picked me up at the airport last Thursday at midnight my time. We stayed up for another four hours (and for the record, pulling late nighters is not one of my spiritual gifts) which just goes to show how much I love that girl. Plus, I knew once Samantha arrived the next morning all business talk would be nixed so we had to get it in when we could.

We woke up in the morning a few hours later to spend a bit of time with her boys before heading to the airport for Samantha.

Ben was bound and determined to show me everything in the house.

And Hayden was bound and determine not to smile for my camera.

(His mother has ruined him for life.)

After breakfast we headed down to the beach for a quick 10 mile bike ride. You know, just another morning at the Shertzers.

Then we headed back to the cutest little house in LA to pluck fresh lemons from the tree in the backyard and whip up a batch of lemon bars for our third amigo.

But who am I kidding? I ate over half the pan.

Once Rich got off work and took charge of the boys we loaded up and headed for The Hills. The Avalon Hotel was just as quirky and charming as the ol’ internets promised.

Also quirky and charming? This one.

(When will these people ever learn that if they pose for it, I will blog it?)

Pretty much immediately after dropping our bags we got right down to the business at hand…

Amy posted the shot she got from that set up over on her blog and Samantha promptly lodged a formal complaint via text. Hold on a sec while I turn off my phone…

That’s better. Onto the good stuff.

At this point I have about a 2 day gap in my photo documentation. I way way too busy eating, gabbing, walking, napping, celeb-stalking, iPhoning and soaking in my girlfriends to grab my camera.

I did manage to grab a few shots of the important stuff though.

I had big dreams of doing a little shopping in Beverly Hills but my suitcase was stuffed to the brim on the way out as it was. That didn’t stop us from window shopping. The Stella McCartney store was SO cute. Think Huntsville will mind if I chia pet my own little Cottage?

(Also, I was totally annoyed by the cars that kept driving by when I was trying to get my shot. I didn’t even realize the amazing ride I managed to capture. That’s LA for you I guess!)

The last thing on my card from the trip were these few shots from the Beverly Hills farmer’s market. We ate four large pastries between the three of us for “breakfast”…45 minutes before our lunch reservation at The Ivy.

I guess that’s LA for you!
Check out Amy’s perspective on our trip (and actually a few photographs of me…imagine!) on her blog.
SamanthaFebruary 24, 2012 - 4:44 pm

You are dead to me.

PS, I think it is HYSTERICAL that you think you guys didn’t talk shop all.weekend.long. 🙂

Jessica WFebruary 24, 2012 - 7:03 pm

Looks like you had a wonderful time!

AnonymousFebruary 26, 2012 - 6:04 pm

Hey Erin! Where did you get those cute sandals?

adminFebruary 28, 2012 - 7:12 pm

I think DSW last season. They’re pretty fun but the rope is already fraying a bit. Not sure I’d recommend them.

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