Iron Bowl ’11, AKA “the one that got away”

I don’t want to bore those of you who have been around this blog for a while but I feel the need to give a quick run down of my neighborhood/street because I know it gets confusing. So, here’s a quick primer.

We moved here in 2007. At the time there was a family – Dawn, Joel + Betsy (Luke would come later)  – who lived across the street.

In 2008 Heather, Brian and baby Jagger moved in next door.

In 2009 Heather, Brian and toddler Jagger traded in their rental next door for the house they bought across the street.

Then in 2009 we befriended George, Trina and Will (baby Wesley would come later) who lived around the corner.

In 2010 Billy, Donna and Andy moved in next door where Heather, Brian, and Jagger used to live.

Also in 2010 we befriended Lacy and Graham who live on the other side of the block. They introduced us to Jason, Arlana and Sonny (baby Brooks would come later) who will move onto our street next month.

This year Moss and his dad Jim moved in next door.

And that is where “the compound” stands as of December, 2011. We’re a rather rag tag group, subject to new and random additions at any moment, and associated with a slew of other friends who hesitate to go “all in” with the compound but whom we claim whole-heartedly when they’re around.

Being part of the compound means being involved in two non-negotiables: The Whistlestop BBQ Competition in May and the Iron Bowl Party in November. Period.

This year’s Iron Bowl party wasn’t quite the fun last year’s was (given the outcome and all) but it was a decent time nevertheless.

It started out like every good party should – with a port-a-potty and ferrel four years old on wheels…

Tails and all.

The men of our street had been making preparations for months and no detail was left undone this year. Even amid chemo treatments and the pending start of radiation, our beloved Mr. Joel had that place whipped into shape. He’s pretty much the Grand Poobah for this event and he was bound and determined he wouldn’t miss it.

He didn’t. I think it took every ounce of strength he had but he made it. Not that I have any pictures to show for that attendance…somehow his little bald head managed to escape the range of my camera. Darn it!

At any rate, the preparations were out of this world.

And while I wish I could say the game was the nail biter Graham might lead us to believe it was…

It wasn’t.

In fact, it was horrible.

But at least the kiddos had fun.

Our dear Mr. Billy and Miss Donna. They’re the nicest among us and everybody’s favorites, hands down.

Although Billy had Moss believing that he was actually working the jams, and after about 10 minutes Moss asked if he could take a break. Apparently Mr. Billy hasn’t heard of child labor laws.

Then Moss told Mr. Billy that his son Jake was “the smallest grown up I’ve ever seen.” And then Billy busted out laughing and told the whole party. Mainly because it meant Moss doesn’t actually consider Mr. Billy a grown up.

(Then again, half the time neither do we!)

So while the game might not have been the outcome we die hard Auburn fans were hoping for, I’m choosing to focus on the process rather than the product. This year at least.

And this year, the process was pretty darn fun.

heather mayberryDecember 13, 2011 - 9:13 am

fun post! the outcome for us was great though! you got us last year. go bama! sorry i had to.

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