Tate Farm, again.

Here we go. Year 5 of these two crews at Tate Farm. We first joined the Bakers for this Fall pilgrimage back in October of 2007, shortly after we moved to town and shortly before Ephraim joined our family. We haven’t missed an October since. This year when our schedules were overloaded and it was looking like it just might not happen, the Daddies rearranged their work days and took the afternoon off. Work be darned, traditions aren’t to be messed with.

We hit all our favorites, from the farm animals to the corn crib to the cotton bin.

I started getting the low sugar shakes after about 20 minutes of watching the kids hurl themselves into the corn. I realized I had eaten little more than a piece of toast that day so I wandered off in search of food energy. (Once again, disappointed that Tate Farms doesn’t serve chocolate dipped Belgian waffles during the week.) I found myself in the slowest snack bar line ever. After the girl behind the counter finally picked, peeled, sliced, and fried my sweet potatoes I headed back in search of our crew. To my dismay they were already loading up for the hay ride. Yes, my friends, this mama almost missed the pumpkin pickin’ all for a plate of sweet potato fries.

That would have been a tragedy of epic proportions.

(For the record, they were delish and cured my low sugar shakes.)

This shot of B-Ro riding through the cotton fields and into the pumpkin patch might be my favorite of the day…

Choosing the perfect pumpkin proved to be a monumental task for Ephraim. There was much stress involved.

And some taste testing.

But in the end he found perfection in the what was possibly the most imperfect pumpkin out there.

And he loved it. (So did I.)

Sarah made a pretty fine pick of her own.

After the hayride we set out for the corn train. Austill and Ephraim were big buddies by this point and were pretty jazzed to share a car.

Although once the ride was over Ephraim was practically plastered to the back of the thing.

And he made it abundantly clear that he was being squished in places he didn’t care to be squished.

Our last stop was to measure “How Tall This Fall”, as we have every year for the last five. Craziness.

Before we headed back to our cars (and to our traditional Little Rosie’s dinner) we stopped at the entrance to grab a quick shot of all FIVE kiddos (yep, someone added to their family this year.)

(2007, 2008, 2009, can’t find 2010…did I not ever blog that?!)

See you next year Tate Farms!

heather mayberryNovember 3, 2011 - 7:04 am

such a fun tradition! we were going to our corn maze this year but it snowed. oh well. glad y’all had fun. the kiddos are growing! love the pumpkin shots. he looks like he is trying to pick a pumpkin that looks like the stamp on his hand. wonder what the stem tasted like?

Lorena MoraNovember 3, 2011 - 9:01 am

How fun! I love Ephraim’s pumpkin pick, imperfect can sometimes be perfect.

Oh I laughed so hard at his places being squished that he didn’t want squished. I don’t blame him for not wanting to be squished, my little one complains too.

Kelly from IowaNovember 3, 2011 - 9:16 pm

Great shots, and no I don’t remember last years photos. I love looking back to see how much kids have changed-ruler sign. It’s amazing where that corn ends up after playing in the corn bin. This year we had quite a pile in the bathroom before bath time. Love your blog, long, long, long time reader.

VirginiaNovember 4, 2011 - 9:32 pm

Ephraim and my hubby are two peas in a pod when it comes to picking out pumpkins. The hubsters came home with not one but three of the world’s ugliest, blimished, most lop-sided pumpkins ever. I was in shock how he managed to bring home these 3 specimens out of the hundreds of near perfect pumpkins they surely had to chose from. He swore they were all that ugly…I made him drive me all the way to the patch to prove him wrong. I was right!!! We kept the ugly ones anyway, and he turned them into masterpieces:)

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