loving the weekends

We just put Sarah to bed and are finishing out a wonderful weekend with her. She’s becoming such a big girl…going into her crib at night when she’s still calm and happy and falling asleep without any tears most of the time (nap time is a different story!) We spent a lot of time this weekend reflecting on our last three months with her and marveling at the gift she is. She’s such a happy girl…starting to giggle, loving her smiles, and seeking out eye contact. This morning in sunday school she kept staring at other people in the class and waiting for them to look at her. If they did, she’d reward them with a huge, full-face grin. It was hard to focus on the lesson with her antics! After church we had to stay for a congregational meeting which was pretty long and boring. Sarah did wonderfully until her daddy went up to the podium to speak – then she wanted to talk to him from the back of the sanctuary. We left soon after that!

two more days until Grandma comes…we’re counting down!

and speaking of bedtime sweetness…

J.J. KillinsJanuary 29, 2006 - 10:45 pm

oh girl that’s a blessing! keep putting her down awake…you will thank yourselves:)

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