memories abound.

We just returned from our Christmas celebration at my mom’s house, or, “pretend Christmas” as I referred to it for the kiddos sake. How do you explain to a three year old which present-giving occasion is actually Christmas and which one is the real deal – all the while knowing (and hoping to relay) that the real deal is actually only in your heart? Sheesh!

Our first pretend Christmas was lovely. There were frothy warm drinks and sparkling lights and gleeful children and family games. My mom and stepdad’s house is so cozy in the winter time…something about it just brings me peace. Maybe it’s the wine. 😉

Saturday night mom started Sarah on a Christmas card collage project that our prolific little artist very much enjoyed. Almost as much as Meghan and I enjoyed it 25 years ago. Mom pulled out the albums for memories’ sake…

Memory Lane is one of my favorite places during the holidays.

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