how I narrowly avoided poisoning my child…and a giveaway!

How’s that for a title?

What you may not realize based on B-Ro’s sweet and innocent looking face is that he’s actually a mischievous stinkerbug seemingly bent on putting his life in jeopardy on a daily basis. Glass shards in his mouth, fingers in the light socket, playing in the toilet – the whole bit.

Who? Me?

Yes, you. Stinkerbug.

I’m sure that part of our problem is that Sarah has always been an ultra-cautious baby/toddler/girl. Our house in Colorado had three flights of stairs and only two sets had baby gates at the top – and those weren’t added until she could walk. She was just cautious and we got spoiled. And lazy.

Enter B-Ro. I’ll spare the drama of all the ways he’s made my heart stop and just recount a particular time. The time I like to call “how I narrowly avoided poisoning my child.”

It was a typical Saturday morning at our house a couple of months ago. Pancakes had been mixed, flipped, eaten, and cleared and the fam was scattered around the house each doing their own thing. I was perched right here at my computer catching up on blogs; getting lost in the photographs and words of other women. I knew there was a child in the kitchen with me because I could hear one bumbling around but for some reason I thought it was Sarah. Sarah = little or no attention (see above). So I ignored the present child who was fairly quiet and not needing of me in that moment. Don’t mess with a good thing, right?

Um, wrong. After several minutes (5? 7? 36?) I heard a noise that didn’t sound quite like Pi’bears. Slurping maybe? Yes. With a little sputtering mixed in for good measure. When I whipped my head around I found B-Ro, soaking wet, sipping happily from a now near-empty bottle of kitchen cleaner. Yes. I know. Believe me, I know. The particular bottle he had found had been dropped the previous week so it was missing the spray action part…leaving only a vertical tube, just perfect for a baby who does a mighty fine job of drinking out of a straw. My immediate reaction as I scooped him up was panic. But panic was quickly replaced by relief and gratitude. For what? My friend Janelle and her company Shaklee.

Janelle has been partnered with Shaklee for over a year now and when Ephraim was born last year she sent the most thoughtful and useful baby gift – a starter pack of their organic, non-toxic cleaning concentrate. THAT, my friends, is what Ephraim was drinking that morning. And THAT is why I had no worries (and a really clean kitchen!). So without sounding anymore like an infomercial than I already might let me just end with these: 1. I love this cleaner 2. I wouldn’t just say that 3. Brent added cabinet locks that very night.

Janelle emailed last week and said she’d love to do a giveaway on the blog so here’s your chance to grab some of your own organic, non-toxic, won’t-poison-your-baby-or-your-dog-or-your-husband cleaner. The starter pack that Janelle’s reading to ship your way if your name is randomly selected from the pool of comments tomorrow includes:

– 1 Bottle of Basic H2 Concentrate (Makes 48 Gallons of All Purpose Cleaner)
– 3 Spray Bottles
– 1 Micro Fiber Cloth for Glass
– 5 Basic H2 Samples to Share
– Some extra stuff too!

So comment away! If you feel like confessing your own motherly inadequacies, even better! 😉

I’ll let choose a winner tomorrow!

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