to the bookclub!

(sorry, just channeling Superwhy with my title)

It’s approaching two weeks since I landed in Charlottesville for our Book Club reunion ’08 so I guess it’s time I memorialized our little trip.

Taking the above posted pictures was the only thing I did all weekend that had anything to do with books. Well, that’s not entirely true. I started and finished a book on the four blissfully quiet, solitary flights to and from Charlottesville but once I actually arrived at book club weekend ’08 I traded in books for trashy magazines and girl talk. Isn’t that what book club is for? Our is. =)

I’d fill you in on the girl talk but I’d feel like I was violating our sisterhood so instead I’ll just share a snap of each girl in attendance.

Here’s Liz and her snazzy tote prancing up to Monticello…

And Pennsylvania Susie wearing Liz’s clothes from head to toe (including the reversible skirt…a Liz original!) because all she packed were clothes suitable for the frozen tundra from whence she came. And now apparently I’m channeling Thomas Jefferson.

And bringing up the rear, the two I affectionately dubbed “the gestation delegation”…on opposite ends of their pregnancies…Jennifer (9 months!) and Jodi (4? months)…

I wish I were now posting pics of Amy, Gina, Samantha, and Brandy but they were all home tending to babies and husbands and laundry and dinners…missed you girls! Next year it’ll be all 9 of us again, right?

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