Sarah had a playdate at our house today with an old friend and a new friend. She’s been looking forward to it for a week and reveled in all the girliness for the two hours they were here.

The popsicles were a big hit although my announcement that there were “popsicles…with ice cream inside!” made for one slightly devastated little girl who gobbled down her popsicle and then raced in the house to find the ice cream. Oops. Three year olds are so literal, eh?

Everything was made right again though with purses and boas and dresses galore in Sarah’s room.

And a little raise the roof action, just for kicks.


Timing my blogging so I can report back to Margaret Day who asked today how long it takes me to blog every day. I said 20 minutes (hooray for being right! I lurve being right) but technically I was interrupted by an 8 minute phone call so my stats are off. =)

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