Let’s be honest: divorce sucks. But as with many things that aren’t so pleasant, there’s a silver lining. My parents divorced when I was in high school and have since gone on to marry two incredible people. They both remarried after I was already married so I never had to struggle with step-parenthood or step-childhood or step-siblinghood. I just get to enjoy my parents and their spouses for the amazing people that they are. As an added bonus my kids have 6 grandparents to dote on them. I’m sure one day they’ll realize who’s blood and who’s not but by then they’ll have been enveloped in mushy grandparent love for so long that it won’t even matter. It’s all the same to them which makes it all the same to me.

The point of this is to say that we just got back from spending the long weekend with my mom and her husband and my stepsister and her son. And I was reminded how cool blended families can be. Sarah and Brody had a two day headstart at Grama and Grandad’s house and were in cousin heaven!

They spent hours on the screened in back porch…

Tooled around a bit in Grandad’s old truck…

Played with playdough and dominoes…

And wore Grama and Grandad out!

My mom has been threatening for years to hold a “Camp Grama” with my Aunt Lori as a camp counselor and all the potty-trained cousins as campers. Since we missed Charlotte and Aunt Lu this weekend it was really just a mini Camp Grama. The kids had a ball though and this mama loved the break!

Here’s to silver linings!

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