Ten on Tuesday.

Has it been a while? I think it’s been a while. Let the randomness begin.

1. For the first time in our 7+ year bff-hood Samantha has forged ahead of me in a technological area: Facebook. I tried to resist her pleadings and her “it’s so cool”s for like 30 minutes but then I gave in and joined. And I have to admit, it is pretty cool. So Sam, feel free to reciprocate and admit that blogging is actually really cool too. Even if did take you TWO YEARS to jump on that bandwagon.

2. Speaking of technological bandwagons, I really, really miss Hello. Actually I should say I really, really miss J.J., Amy, and Megan. Hello kept us all connected and now I feel so out of the loop!

3. I have a great idea for the next Mama Monday but I couldn’t get my act in gear to make it happen yesterday. And next Monday is Labor Day so I’ll have to put it off until September 8th. But then we can all talk about toys with staying power. With birthdays and holidays looming I’m so anxious to hear what items in your home are still getting play from last Christmas/Hannukah. I’ll share some fun stuff too!

4. I’ve been remiss in continuing Daisy’s PIF fun that I was the beneficiary of a month or so ago. If you want to help me Pay it Forward you must 1) have your own blog and 2) commit to continuing the PIF by sending gifts (handmade or otherwise – no rules or limitations) to the first three people who leave a comment. Daisy sent me the cutest swingy earrings that I wear no less than three times a week. I love them! Anyone want to play? Leave a comment if you do and be sure I have access to your email address so I know how to get in touch with you!

5. If you didn’t notice my “duh” post on Saturday be sure to check it out. And then note that Meghan is still extending 20% off to Pigbear blog readers. Just use the code “Sarah” in the notes to seller when you check out!

6. A biggie that I keep forgetting to mention on this blog: (!!!) If you’re local to me (or relatively so) and you’re interested in booking a session for holiday cards and gifts then be sure to hop over to my business blog and find all the details of my holiday mini-sessions. I know it may seem early but they’re already half-full so don’t wait!

7. Random thought for the day: Toto, I don’t think I’m a scrapbooker anymore. I used to love scrapping and I viewed each page I made as a sort of love letter to my chilluns. And now with the business and three blogs and a house that demands to be cleaned (the nerve!) oh, and a husband, I just can’t seem to make it happen. But I can’t seem to part with my things either. So maybe that says something too. Anyway, that’s why you’ve been seeing more sappy expressions of love to my dear ones lately…because I’m not scrapping those feelings like I used to. So I pour them out here and figure I’ll let blurb slurp them later. 🙂

8. I haven’t read a book in over 6 months. Wanna know why? My bedside lamp broke and I’ve been too lazy/indecisive to get a new one. So instead I sacrificed fiction. I do devour the Newsweek when it arrives though. Pretty soon I’ll have to do crosswords and wordfinds just to keep my brain cells from dying off.

9. T-15 days until the second annual book club reunion. Rumor has it that over half of us will be in attendance. Woohoo! And I get to fly there on an airplane by myself. Double woohoo! Bring on the layover and the trashy magazines and the tomato juice and the terrible airport sushi!

10. I love Ten on Tuesday.

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